Once upon a time.

It all began with 1000s of under-utilized
rental cars.

“There was a fundamental mismatch between the data-driven ideas at the center and the day-to-day operations of the business. My question was: "How do you get 1000s of stores to do the right thing every day and, just as important, to understand why?”

Julian Mills CEO and Co-Founder
Our Story. Supercharging management with data-driven, daily actions.

Quorso’s co-founder, Julian, was working with a global car rental firm during his time as a McKinsey Partner. Thanks to some smart analysis, he could see that 100s of rental cars were being under-utilised. But every time a car transporter went to a branch to pick them up, it returned empty.

Branch managers just didn't see why they needed to surrender those spare cars that gave their operations a little cushion.

Julian realised there were 3 problems that needed solving:

  1. All that clever analysis needed to be translated into 2-3 simple, daily, next-best-actions for every store/branch.
  2. 1000s of people at those branches needed to be guided to execute their own daily actions flawlessly.
  3. Everyone needed to be shown why their actions mattered and the positive impact they had on the business.

The idea for Quorso was born, and we haven't looked back since.

Moving forward, fast.

Globally recognized: Retail Week's Top 10 2021, World Retail Congress 'Game-Changer' and UK's Top 100 tech startups.

This year Quorso was named by Retail Week and World Retail Congress as one of 2021’s Top Global Start-Ups Powering Retail Innovation.

Last year we got the 'Technology Game-Changer' award at the World Retail Awards and we were ranked 37th in Retail Week's Discovery 50 Report, which showcases the world’s most innovative retail tech startups.

We were also recognized by Startups 100, coming 36th in their ranking of the "best and most exciting new businesses in the UK" in 2019.

Our team is ex-McKinsey, Google, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, Pivotal, Fourth and Omnicom. And we have some excellent advisors on board too, from Stanford professors, to veteran retail executives.

Podcast. The early years of Quorso and what we learnt along the way.

Julian and Sophie chat to Startup Secrets about building a technology idea into a global business. They share their experiences and learnings from the perspective of
Quorso's CEO and CMO respectively.