Identify your team's needs in seconds: Sort and filter functions.

Sophie Cole
Sophie Cole 07/28/2021·2 min read

We know that as a Regional, Area, or District Manager, you have multiple people to manage and a lot of activity to juggle. You want to both celebrate successes and identify who most needs your coaching and support. In Quorso, it is easy to sift through the detail using the Filter and Sort functions.

On the Team screen, you can sort your team members by their activity and results in Quorso. Who are your champions? Who needs a nudge? Who is exhibiting the most skill, will, or both? Sorting by different criteria will help you quickly prioritize your focus.

Quorso Team Screen

The Filter function is available on all three of your main screens: Business, Team and Mission Control. It enables you to filter the data, people or missions you are looking at by District, Region, store, or other grouping that you typically use. Note that the filter persists across screens so you will need to remove it if you want to move to a different screen an d see all of the available information.

Quorso Business Screen