Rapidly set a new KPI and automate Missions to underperformers.

Sophie Cole
Sophie Cole 07/29/2021·2 min read

The days of one-size-fits-all KPIs are long behind us. Now you’re an Agile Retailer, you’re able to set KPIs that reflect the needs of specific stores and the unique demands of local customers. If these suddenly change, Quorso allows new KPIs to be rapidly set and teams can be immediately instructed to work on them.

Certain members of the Store Ops Leadership team can be granted permissions that allow them to create new KPIs. They can also determine which ones generate missions for GMs to action,  and in what circumstances.

For example, say you are running a campaign to improve your X performance.

Create a KPI and tell Quorso to automatically scan through your data and send out nudges to all of the relevant Managers who are performing below average on the KPI. They will receive the Mission in their Inbox and can log a plan for how they intend to improve.

KPI dashboard

By using your KPI dashboard, you can keep track of how many Missions have been logged, how many are improving, and what the overall impact is.

If you’re not a KPI Manager but want to be, then email support@quorso.com to let us know.