The changing role of the Store and District Manager.


One of the biggest topics at last year’s Store Operations Council was the changing role of Store and District Managers.

And this should be no surprise, Gen Z changed the industry as consumers and now they are becoming the next wave of retail managers.  

  1. They are digitally native
  2. They crave personalized coaching and more consistent engagement 
  3. They value diversity of experiences 

As Gen Z becomes the modern manager what does this mean for the tools we give them and the roles they get?

They’re impatient for modern technology.

When you’re used to ordering same day delivery on your smartphone or watching TV on demand, paper based forms and reporting just don’t cut it.

Modern managers want the things they need frictionlessly and seamlessly at their fingertips.

They need to know how they are performing. 

This is a generation used to dopamine hits by the second. Knowing their performance only through annual reviews or the odd time the district leader visits isn’t enough.

They want to know how they are doing in every action they take and be able to be coached in personalized ways with more regular check-ins. 

Localization and Personalization are key.

Retail used to be about simply pushing the same tasks, processes and standards on everyone but in this personalized world not only is every store different, but every manager and team member in the store is different. 

They want to move away from feeling just like a cog in a wheel but doing what is best for their specific team in their specific environment. 

Luckily Quorso has been built not just for modern operations but the modern manager in mind too.