Case Study: Helping Edwardian Hotels Reduce Costs

Quorso works by finding profit hiding in our customers’ data. But our findings don’t just sit in a dashboard for the corporate office to review. They’re turned into actionable suggestions that get pushed out to frontline managers so that they can do something about them.

Edwardian Hotels – one of the UK’s leading luxury hotel and hospitality brands – deployed Quorso in 12 locations with a specific focus on managing profit and loss and optimising staff scheduling.

Edwardian has discovered £4 million of profit opportunities using Quorso

Edwardian Hotels uses Quorso to boost profit

Reducing controllable costs

Even the most successful companies have profit hiding in their data, so Quorso analyses 13,000 P&L lines every month for Edwardian – finding, quantifying, and prioritising opportunities to boost profit.

In their first use of Quorso, our recommendation engine suggested they could save £6k on newspapers at just one location. After digging a little deeper, Edwardian discovered they were being charged for a previously complimentary paper. They were then able to decide to cancel the subscription at multiple locations and add thousands back into their bottom line.

Getting staffing levels right

While Edwardian was already analysing data against budget and last year, Quorso has enabled them to compare the different locations – comparing apples to apples, despite the differences of each hotel – and scale efficiencies to all sites.

Edwardian how has more visibility into the details of staff scheduling than ever, helping them meet the expectations of their guests in the most efficient way possible. For example, they can now align reception staff with the number of check-ins and check-outs throughout the day, or restaurant and room service staff with the volumes of guests and orders they receive.

Edwardian Hotels uses Quorso to staff their shifts more efficiently

Boosting the bottom line is an exciting achievement (especially in times like these!), but we at Quorso are most excited that we’re able to help bring our users’ innovative ideas to life.

Quorso generated hundreds of action plans at Edwardian, written by managers who told us they loved having more insight to their business and the power to take action – to take care of guests and coach teams – and not waste time on analysing data.

What Edwardian says

“Quorso has shown us value from day 1. Even though we run a tight ship already, it points out areas of improvement which might fall through the cracks. Working with the Quorso team is fantastic. Finally, a technology that helps analyse problems, from a business person’s perspective.” – Siva Ramanathan, General Manager – Finance

“I like that it highlights anomalies. Sometimes we think we know what it is, and then when we dig into it, it’s actually something else. Quorso’s also super easy to use. I want to run everything through it!” – Ragu Srinivasan, Financial Fluency Director


Quorso helped Edwardian make a measurable impact on their bottom line and delivered an immensely positive ROI. If you’re interested in seeing how Quorso can help your business, get in touch today.

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