News Round-Up: 26 July

Another week has rolled around (the hottest week of the year, to be precise) and that means so has another news round-up.

Stories include the rise of technological innovation at the front line of hiring, how data can reveal gender imbalances in the media, and how businesses can alleviate fears surrounding AI in their employees.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the sunshine with the latest stories in tech, big data, management and retail.

Steps to reduce fear around AI should be introduced in the workplace

AI-powered technology can appear as a threat in the workplace due to its speed and efficiency potentially putting human workers out of a job. This is a fear, says Forbes contributor Tracy Cote, that should be addressed by employers through “demystification, change management, action and education”. AI, she writes, is “really just an algorithm that looks at data. Jobs will evolve as human work blends with algorithms in acknowledgement of AI’s capabilities and limitations. It will make some jobs better, freeing people from repetitive tasks to handle more stimulating work.”

Innovative technology at the front line of hiring process to increase Social Mobility

Jodi Grove, partner of a recruitment technology company wrote about the benefits of chatbots and anonymous group messaging platforms to create a ‘faceless’ interview environment that facilitates a non-bias hiring process in Personnel Today. “Group online chats also remove a barrier for those who may struggle to afford to travel to face-to-face information events, while chats facilitated by an executive with a diverse background can further reinforce positive messaging around looking for people who possess the right skills and attitudes, not the right school tie,” she writes.

Big Data to shine light on gender imbalances in the creative industries

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) has published the first case study as part of their larger research to see how media coverage differs between genders within the creative industries using data and machine learning.

In an interview mentioned in The Creative Review, the PEC said “you need to do more than just count the numbers of men and women in the industry, you also need to look at how they’re both being portrayed in the media.” Results of a study that examined over half a million The Guardian newspaper articles from 2000-2018.

World’s leading data preparation company to support four biggest SQL cloud data warehouses to understand their Big Data

Datameer announced that they will be the first company to support Amazon, Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake, making available to them their services to “explore, analyze, and operationalize all of their data that lives in the cloud, in addition to on-premises big data infrastructure”.

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