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£2 million (and counting).

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National Express, the global bus and coach operator, was looking for new ways to drive performance and cost improvement across its 12 UK bus garages.

The company’s highly disciplined Finance team had already driven significant savings via top-down initiatives, and was now looking for a way to engage their Operations and Engineering colleagues in finding and delivering the next wave of efficiencies.

Key company stats.
65 %

of users take action
every month to reduce cost

15 %

average saving made
on each action

£ 200,000

of cost savings each month,
nearly £2 million saved to date

“Quorso generates immediate, consistent, positive returns. And more importantly, the people at Quorso are genuinely a joy to work with. They take time to understand the issues
and then deliver the right long-term solutions. We think of Quorso as a genuine partner, not just another supplier.” 

Eddie Kerr, Managing Director National Express International
What we did.

Improving performance by fixing
instore issues.

Number 1
Step 1. Rapid data consolidation.

In 3 weeks, Quorso’s Data Team built an automated pipeline to ingest weekly and monthly data for 1,600 cost lines at each of the 12 garages. This integrated four main systems (Trial Balance, Workforce Management, Parts Purchasing, and Fleet Telematics).

Number 2
Step 2. Robust ongoing analysis.

Quorso’s intelligent analytics layer then continuously benchmarked each of these cost lines against a control group of similar garages in that area. For
the first time, managers saw how their day-to-day decisions affected costs such as engineering overtime, spend on wing mirrors, or refuse and recycling.

Number 3
Step 3. Up and running and driving improvement rapidly.

National Express’ Programme Lead, Gemma, invited the 70 Operations, Engineering and General Managers responsible for running the 12 garages
to join Quorso. After one initial webinar, 95% of all invitees began successfully using Quorso without any need for training.

Number 4
Step 4. High engagement and material improvement in just 9 months.

Over the first 9 months using Quorso, National Express’s Operations and Engineering teams have taken 130 actions to improve performance and reduce cost. Together these have delivered nearly
£2 million of annual cost savings (equivalent to a
7% increase in Profit). And each month, they have added c. £200,000 to this total.