Finding Radisson Edwardian £4 million in 13,000 reporting lines.

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Radisson Edwardian – one of the UK’s leading luxury hotel and hospitality brands – was struggling to harness their data to derive insights, or get their staff to take effective action.

Their existing data systems only worked for a few roles, further embedding performance inefficiencies (both cost and revenue). In particular, the hotel chain was struggling to optimise staff deployment.

Key results.
100 %

of managers onboarded
by week two

£ 6,000

saving on the first action plan
in Quorso (newspapers)

£ 4 million

of additional opportunity identified
across the business to date

“Quorso has shown value from day one, finding improvement areas that would have fallen through the cracks, then driving action to deliver them.”

General Manager Finance, Edwardian Hotels
What we did.

Improving performance by fixing
onsite issues.

Number 1
Step 1. Rapid data consolidation.

In just 2 weeks, Quorso’s Data Team built an automated pipeline to ingest data from
12 hotels across 15 systems, including financial and volume data.

Number 2
Step 2. Robust ongoing analysis.

Quorso’s intelligent analytics layer then continuously benchmarked 13,000 lines of the P&L and 42 roles of staff rota data by hour, day and shift. The insights generated showed Radisson that, by rescheduling staff at one of their hotels, they could save thousands. Improvements were also identified in reducing meat waste in restaurants, improving energy efficiency and solving newspaper subscription inefficiencies.

Number 3
Step 3. Taking action, measuring impact
and scaling success.

Hotel managers now have more visibility into
their scheduling than ever, helping them meet the expectations of their guests in the most efficient way possible. For example, they can now align reception staff with the number of check-ins and check-outs throughout the day, or restaurant and room service staff with the volumes of guests and orders they receive. As they learn what's working, they share it via Quorso, with colleagues across the business.

Number 4
Step 4. High engagement and material improvement from the very first action.

Radisson's very first plan in Quorso saved them £6k at just one location, by cancelling a previously complimentary paper that they were now being charged for. Quorso has since generated hundreds of action plans at Radisson, written by managers who told us they loved having more insight into their business and the power to drive action – to take care of guests and coach teams – and not waste time on analysing data.