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and driving sales
at Restaurant Associates.

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Restaurant Associates, the world’s largest contract foodservice company, wanted to improve sales visibility and drive revenue at the staff restaurants of their largest UK corporate clients.

Historically, this was difficult as data was distributed across siloed systems and the product hierarchy inconsistent between different clients. The Finance Director tasked Quorso with showing granular sales volumes, opportunity volumes and suggested actions.

Key results.
95 %

of stores taking action in Quorso
each week to improve revenue

3 %

average extra revenue
from each action

4 weeks

to achieve
positive ROI

“Quorso is giving us more insight than we have ever had. Two of our promotions have had negative performance in the last fortnight, so we stopped doing them and tried something else. Before we would have run those promotions and celebrated without knowing the impact.”

Operations Director Restaurant Associates
What we did.

Improving performance by fixing
instore issues.

Number 1
Step 1. Rapid data consolidation.

In 3 weeks, Quorso’s Data Team built an
automated pipeline to ingest weekly sales
data for 45 restaurants from 5 separate
POS systems.

Number 2
Step 2. Robust ongoing analysis.

Quorso’s intelligent analytics layer also created a standard product hierarchy for 24,000 individual products (e.g., Latte), enabling our intelligent analytics layer to benchmark sales of each product against a control group of similar restaurants.

Number 3
Step 3. Taking action, measuring impact
and scaling success.

Managers can now see their sales of each product by time of day. They can see their opportunities to sell more, e.g., muffins or wraps – and what that would be worth. They record their actions and promotions to boost sales. They measure the extra revenue from those actions and promotions, and learn what’s working for their colleagues around
the country.

Number 4
Step 4. High engagement and material improvement in just 5 weeks.

Within the first 5 weeks of use, the Restaurant Associates team had taken nearly 50 actions, driving a 0.8% increase in sales. They were also able to rapidly intercept some promotions that were in fact harming revenue. And Quorso had paid for itself several times over.