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Lockwood McKinnon, a high-performing East Coast Taco Bell franchisee, needed to enable rapid on-the-ground operational change in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, they believed that they could optimize sales and safeguard their business and employees from negative impact by focusing specifically on speed of service, labor scheduling accuracy, and waste reduction.

These three KPIs were plugged into Quorso and its intelligent analytics layer immediately began identifying areas of opportunity to improve them, specific to each restaurant, each week. Quorso showed individual managers how to focus their efforts by highlighting the route causes of their issues, then tracked their progress, while streamlining coaching and collaboration across the franchise.

Key results.
12.5 %

improvement in speed of service in first three months

$ 38,500

incremental sales revenue opportunity identified by Quorso to date

7 plans

successfully improved CSAT in 1st month, so Quorso automatically scaled them across the franchisee portfolio

$ 1,200

average cost savings, per waste reduction plan, per week

“Quorso is really game-changing for us. It gives us unprecedented visibility of what is going on in our restaurants, all in one place. And then, it shows us what needs to be done next, how to do it and tracks if it works.”

Head of Operations Lockwood McKinnon
What we did.

new ground in the post-Covid world.

Number 1
Step 1. Rapid data consolidation and analysis.

In a couple of days the Quorso Data Team set up pipelines to ingest all financial and operational data on a weekly basis.

KPIs could then be reviewed on the Quorso dashboard, giving managers at-a-glance access to all the metrics that mattered most.

Here Quorso also surfaced areas for improvement and flagged underperformance issues.

Number 2
Step 2. Robust, Covid-proof benchmarking.

With YOY targets no longer relevant, Taco Bell managers were struggling to find a useful baseline to track performance.

Quorso uses peer benchmarking to identify opportunities and issues, which proved much more valuable to the business in volatile and unprecedented times.

Number 3
Step 3. Taking action, measuring impact
and scaling success.

Area Managers no longer have to visit restaurants in person to see the ongoing activity of their teams and the impact their teams' actions are having.

Quorso's performance tracking helps Area Managers to see exactly where and how to support their teams. Their meetings are now more productive and they can celebrate managers' tangible successes, as well as coaching them when needed.

Number 4
Step 4. High engagement and material improvement in just three months.

Taco Bell managers were up and running on Quorso within an hour and making plans to improve their restaurant's KPIs that same day.

They're motivated by seeing exactly how their efforts are helping the business to survive and thrive in these challenging times, as well as how they are progressing towards achieving their bonuses.

Work is now underway to expand focus further and add more KPIs, so that this Taco Bell franchisee can stay as nimble as 2020 demands.

"This product was built with the hearts and minds of managers in mind. It is remarkably easy and user-friendly and has made my meetings with my RGMs so much more focused, productive, and rewarding all round"

Area Manager Lockwood McKinnon