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How we help.

In volatile times, agility is paramount.

Drive sales revenue

Manage availability, attachments and visual merchandizing.

Take Action
KPI alignment

Ensure every team and all actions are focused on your KPIs.

Technical Stuff
Instore fulfilment

Streamline BOPIS and BORIS processes to improve timelines.

Labor optimization

Adapt your staff schedule to fluctuating demand.

How it works. Quorso connects your KPIs, data, team and actions – all in a single tool.

What does 'Agile Management' feel like? Focused efforts, coordinated action, contextual coaching, motivated teams, granular measurement and rapid learning, in order to hit critical goals and KPIs.

We use what you have.

If you already have a BI tool in place, great, you've done the heavy lifting.

No BI? No problem. Quorso can also use sales data directly from your POS system.

Either way, the set-up couldn’t be simpler.

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Quorso is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. All client data is hosted in a protected AWS cloud environment and our information security are policies aligned to ISO 27002. You must have your organization’s authorization to upload data. Read more about our information and data security policies.

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