Get every hotel to the top of their game

Quorso helps improve efficiency and performance.

Our platform continuously analyses profit & loss lines – finding, quantifying, and prioritising opportunities to boost profit.

Optimise staff scheduling

  • Plan staff scheduling to align with demand.
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime.
  • Track compliance to rota.
  • Scale best practices based on successful plans.

Edwardian Hotels has discovered more than £4 million in opportunities by using Quorso to manage their profit & loss.

Save on controllable costs

Quorso shows exactly where you might be wasting money – things like cleaning, crockery, and refuse – and then helps you implement smart solutions to save more.
  • See opportunities to minimise shrinkage.
  • Reduce excessive goodwill and discounting.

Use less electricity and gas

Get utilities usage under control by getting a break down of:

  • Each hotel
  • Department
  • Day of week
  • Time of day

By turning ovens in the kitchen off when not in use and managing the thermostats more closely, GMs at a UK hotel cut utility bills by 18%.

Boost Food & Beverage revenue per guest

A great front of house team can increase check size by up to 30%.

Quorso learns what brilliant things your staff do, and shares it so everyone can improve.

F&B teams using Quorso have been able to increase overall sales by up to 14%.

Looking to improve operations and boost your bottom line?

Let us show you how.

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