Collaborate, coach and celebrate your colleagues with Quorso's My Team Experience.

Daniel Cunningham
Dan Cunningham 11/09/2020·3 min read

We previously introduced you to Mission Control – our core experience that helps Store Managers to focus their efforts, and receive guidance and coaching on how best to improve sales, reduce costs, and drive KPIs.

But what do ‘Quorso Missions’ mean for Area Managers? Introducing another upgraded experience in the Quorso app – My Team.

Area Managers can spend more time focusing on great performance and getting things done.

When we speak to retailers about the challenges of managing stores at the regional level, the same three questions come up again and again:

  1. Are my store teams focused on the right business priorities and KPIs?
  2. Who is taking action to address those priorities? And what are they doing?
  3. Which actions are actually working?

Typically, answering Question 1 takes Area Managers hours of work as they get lost in seas of reports and communication. Question 2 is even harder, as actions are rarely methodically or digitally documented. And with no detailed understanding of what is being done by each store, Question 3 – the real impact of actions – becomes next to impossible to calculate. Quorso’s upgraded My Team experience gives you answers to these questions instantly, so you can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time focusing on what makes you a great Area Manager:

  • Inspire your teams to work together and achieve exceptional results
  • Celebrate individuals and stores who are putting in a heroic effort
  • Run highly effective and focused store visits
  • Coach those who need your support, even when you’re not on site
Know how well your team's performing immediately. See who's working on what, and who's making success happen.
Perform. See the overall performance of your team.

Track their progress with real-time indicators of live Quorso Missions, KPI performance, delivered improvement, and an all-time tally of your region’s successful Quorso Missions.

Reward. Identify and celebrate talent and hard work.

See the success rate of the Quorso Missions your team has launched to understand which stores are excelling. Keep an eye on how that success rolls up to an overall % improvement of your region’s most important KPIs and celebrate progress together.

Motivate. Build good team habits.

Encourage good habits and healthy competition with full team visibility of who is logging in and engaging frequently.

Coach. Get more out of every check-in, site visit, and 1:1 session.

Quorso’s My Team experience allows you to run better weekly and daily check-ins with your team. Whether over video conference or on your mobile/tablet during a site visit, Quorso makes them more effective, constructive, and consistent.

1:1 conversations are more meaningful and informed, thanks to the ability to drill-down into individual team member profiles and see the Quorso Missions they are working on, how those are progressing, and any new ones they could launch. An objective view of what commitments have been made and the results that have been achieved make coaching conversations more collaborative, well-received, and motivating.

“Quorso is a great coaching tool for our Area Managers, as it provides the most efficient and easy interpretation of performance, presented in a way that’s intuitive and fun.”

Area Manager Taco Bell