Introducing: Joint Missions.

Daniel Cunningham
Dan Cunningham 09/27/2021·1 min read

While it’s good to have a single point of responsibility and accountability for tasks, we also know that in stores it doesn’t always work that way. For many retailers, there’s a strong emphasis on shared ownership of performance and results across the team.

To reflect this idea of shared ownership, we’ve just launched Joint Missions. Multiple team members can now share responsibility for a Mission, each able to launch, collaborate on, and provide updates on Missions.

Joint Missions

We’ve already seen a number of teams using this new feature to deliver even more improvement for their stores. Not only are they boosting their results, but it’s also meant that they’re taking on more Missions.

Some examples of Joint Missions working well include:

  • District Managers and Store Managers collaborating together on prioritizing and launching Missions (in convenience retail and smaller format stores).
  • Store Manager and an Assistant Store Manager covering for one another, each working shifts on overlapping weekdays.
  • Department Managers taking the lead on launching Missions, with support and coaching from their Store Manager (in larger stores with 1000+ product lines, requiring strong department leads).
  • Managing vacation cover more easily with a senior colleague to give temporary cover for a Store Manager. When the Manager returned, they could quickly pick Missions back up again and know exactly what had been done, and where to pick up again.

Quorso is all about helping store teams work better than ever, and this new piece of functionality ensures everyone stays informed, supported, and motivated to succeed. If you’re a user and would like more information about the feature and how it works, get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.