Quorso becomes SOC2 Type 2 compliant.

Gabrielle Reason
Gabrielle Reason 08/03/2021·2 min read

If you’ve seen the research coming out of our Agile Stores Lab, you’ll know that Quorso’s simple interface is built on vast customer datasets and intelligent algorithms. It’s where the magic of Quorso lies – translating complex and overwhelming retail data into simple daily actions for Store Managers.

Processing this much customer data comes with great responsibility, and we spend as much time ensuring its security as we do on refining the Quorso user experience.

So we’re proud to say that we’ve reached another huge milestone behind the scenes – we’ve audited Quorso to SOC2 Type 2  standards.

What does that mean?

It means an external authority has certified that all our policies, processes, and controls adhere to the highest technical standards out there.

And it means you can be sure that we are doing everything possible to keep our customers’ data confidential and secure.

"Many companies will say that security is their #1 priority, but that's not enough. What's needed today is to make security embedded in your culture and organization. It's too important for our customers' data not to be.

To get a SOC2 Type 2 report with no exceptions is true testament to how seriously everyone in the organization takes this."

Phil Thorne CFO, Quorso