Every mission prioritized and grouped

Whether it’s a big sales opportunity, urgent compliance alert or data-driven store walk, you know exactly what needs your attention most in each store, and what order to tackle the rest in.

Set up dynamic prioritization to define when each type of mission becomes a Must so that store teams know exactly what to focus on and when.

Introducing Guidebook

Guidebook equips you with exactly what you need to know and what steps to take, tailored to the type of mission, context of the store and specific issue(s) you identified.

Guide your team at every step.

With a well-crafted Guidebook that combines your standard operating procedures with store-specific context, field leaders and store teams will know exactly how to handle any situation that comes up, specific steps to take and anything that needs to be escalated. Suddenly, even those who are new in role can perform as well as seasoned pros, and your more-tenured managers might learn a thing or two as well!

See your impact

Every type of mission in Quorso can now be linked to data, and impact will automatically be tracked, so you can see exactly what resulted from the action you took, celebrate successes and learn and adapt when further work is needed.

Outlook Sync

Connect your Outlook calendar with Quorso Planner and vice versa, for effortless scheduling and coordination.

Any questions about the new release?

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