Easy, intuitive, powerful.

Quorso helps you run your business, not just watch it. 

Quorso for Execs

Find the money you need to hit this year's budget. Get your team to go after it.

Find millions of dollars in your data

Quorso analyses thousands of data points and discovers extra profit hiding in your Profit & Loss lines and business units. 

Get teams to act on key priorities

Quorso picks up the things that fall through the cracks but – very often – it helps you make quick progress on initiatives you already have going. With just a few clicks.

Track everyone's progress

See your team’s exact improvement numbers, know who to celebrate, and learn when to coach struggling sites back to success.

£ 3000
average extra profit with each action plan
1 %
of managers take 1+ action every week​

Quorso for Managers

Know where to focus. Take action. Track your impact.

Get specific suggestions

No more squinting at spreadsheets or poring over KPIs. Quorso cuts out all the noise by showing only the things you can impact.

Learn what works

Quorso constantly captures and shares best practices across every single location, so you can repeat your colleagues’ success. 

Take action to improve

A SMARTbot walks you through – step by step – implementing your brilliant solutions for improving performance. 

Know your impact

No more wondering if what you’re doing makes a difference – you can see the results, right there in black and white. 

0 %
of managers say it helps them work smarter​
1 %
less time on admin

The easiest rollout ever

Go at your own pace

Deploy in phases or all in one go. It’s up to you.

No training needed

So easy to use your teams will be able to pick it up and go! (but we’ve got a webinar just in case).

Supported to success

Every customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to a helpsite full of tips and tricks.

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