Make every restaurant your top performer

Quorso helps restaurant companies optimise operations and increase revenue across every site.

Our platform continuously analyses profit & loss lines – finding, quantifying, and prioritising opportunities to boost profit.

Sell more starters, sides, and desserts

  • Quorso shows you exactly when, where, and how each location could be selling more.
  • See specific opportunities by day of week and time of day.

At The Restaurant Group, restaurants using Quorso increased overall sales by 14% in the first 6 months by selling more attachments to main courses.

Reduce how often you comp and discount

  • Understand why certain locations comp and discount more than their peers.
  • Help restaurant and bar managers reduce the freebies.

At a national pub and bar chain, Quorso found that some locations were giving away 19x more beer and snacks than others.

Use less electricity and gas

  • See each restaurant, by day of week and time of day when electricity or gas usage is above average
  • Put plans in place to get waste under control, track the outcomes, and share the most effective ideas.

Save on controllable costs 

The little things add up. Quorso shows exactly where you might be wasting money – things like cleaning, crockery, and refuse – and then helps you implement smart solutions to save more. 

GMs at a UK restaurant business cut utility bills by 18% through simple, smart changes like oven "on" hours and thermostat settings. 

Start improving profits in just two weeks.

Let us show you how.

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