Improve each store's performance

When retailers want to sell more and reduce costs, Quorso helps them move the needle.

Our platform continuously analyses profit & loss lines – finding, quantifying, and prioritising opportunities to boost profit.

Increase basket size

  • See which products to cross-sell.
  • Learn how colleagues are increase upselling.
  • Find local promos that work and scale them.

Three weeks after adopting Quorso, store managers at an iconic UK retailer managed to increase sales by £26k a week.

Stop leaking revenue

  • See opportunities to reduce shrinkage – down to specific SKUs.
  • Reduce excessive goodwill and discounting.

In 6 weeks, Quorso was up and running at a major multi-national retailer. Each week, the platform scans $9 billion of revenue and cost opportunities.

Optimise team efficiency

  • Adjust staff scheduling to demand. 
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime and unproductive hours.

Save on controllable costs

  • Minimise waste of electricity and gas.
  • Reduce small costs that add up, like cleaning supplies or phones.
  • Identify and reduce non-compliant, off-catalogue spend.

Many retailers ignore the long tail of small, controllable costs. But enormous savings – hundreds of thousands of dollars – are possible by rooting out waste and unnecessary spend.

Sell more. Spend less.

Let us show you how.

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