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Power your management painlessly.

Quorso is an intelligent management platform that connects all the moving pieces – KPIs, teams, action and data – in a single tool. Set a new KPI in seconds and Quorso immediately scours your data to find the best-next-action for each team member to take to deliver it. The app then helps teams take action, with frictionless coaching and collaboration. All actions are measured, effective ones are automatically scaled, and business performance improves rapidly.

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KPI Drilldown
So how does it work?

One agile tool
can do it all.

By joining up the fragmented elements of management and digitalizing them from end-to-end, Quorso makes driving your business streamlined, effective, and even enjoyable.

KPI Dashboard
Align your team. Rapid data analysis to focus everyone's efforts on your KPIs.

Easily set your KPIs and then let Quorso handle the heavy number crunching – analyzing all your data to determine the best action for each team member to take and assigning it to them in the app.

Take Action
Activate rapidly. Take effective action and learn fast.

Quorso helps managers take effective action. Then its smart algorithms measure the business impact, so teams can learn quickly and scale what works.

Team Overview
Coach remotely. Supercharge your
team to deliver their
full potential.

Quorso tracks the performance of each team member, so managers can coach, motivate and congratulate based on actual business impact.

Quorso Mobile
Improve your KPIs. Get full visibility of the actions and people driving performance.

Quorso shows you how every action by every team member is improving your KPIs. It also sends nudges if actions aren't being taken and alerts if actions aren't working.

your KPIs
your team
Smart but simple.

Powerful behind the scenes, practical on the surface.

Powering managementPowerfulPractical
Identify ways
to deliver KPIs
Quorso conducts 30 billion separate analyses
each week for our typical large retail clients
Quorso saves users ~6 hours of weekly
analysis and 90% of users require no
training to get started
100% of the P&L is accounted for, including
the 20% typically deemed to be "nobody's problem"
83% of all users take action to improve
their area of the business each week
On average each Quorso user generates
$60,000 of extra profit per year
Users consult with 3+ colleagues each
time they take an action in Quorso
Drive business
70% of the weekly actions taken in Quorso
successfully drive improvement
86% of improvements made in Quorso are
sustained 3 months later
A week in the life. Quorso improves the weekly lives of colleagues across the business.

Meet Chris, Bill, Fiona, Rita and Sam. They're all working hard to improve the performance of their business. See how Quorso makes this easier.

You shouldn’t have to change for us.

Evolution, not revolution.

Quorso fits on to your existing management process, so there is no need for extensive operational change or organizational transformation.

As a result, implementation is rapid (3-4 weeks), user training is minimal (quick in-app guide), and engagement is high (94% of stores take action in Quorso every week to improve their business).

4 weeks

to implement

90 %

of users need no training

94 %

of users take action each week

Frequently asked questions.

Still got some questions?
We’re here to help.

How does Quorso integrate with my existing data and systems?
  • Quorso has pre-built connectors to dozens of the most popular data systems – and we are adding more all the time. See our full list of integrations here.
  • Our proprietary data pipeline enables us to automatically ingest data of any type, format, volume, and frequency.
Can I overlay broader business initiatives and incorporate KPIs?
  • Yes, absolutely. You can steer Quorso’s Opportunities to align with or to prioritize company initiatives, campaigns, promotions, etc.
  • You can also integrate Quorso with your BI tool, combining the charts you love with the actions that will improve them.
  • Learn more about using Quorso to enhance your existing tech stack here.
Why are Quorso’s insights better than my BI tool?
  • Typical BI tools focus on 7-8 relatively high-level metrics which present a summary snapshot of your business. Quorso looks at everything, and directs your attention to the granular actions that could best improve those metrics.
  • BI tools are great for watching what is happening, but they do not take, track or measure action, so they do not deliver tangible improvements that can be scaled over time.
  • Read more about how Quorso augments BI and other platforms here.
How long does it take to get set up on Quorso?
  • 3-4 weeks, once we receive your data.
  • Includes two days of your Data Lead – the rest is done by Quorso.
  • You can learn more about implementing Quorso here.
Does Quorso require a lot of new processes?
  • Quorso fits seamlessly within your existing operational management process, with no need
    for changes.
  • Most Store Managers review Quorso on a Monday instead of, or alongside, their existing management information. They see how their existing plans are progressing, and then typically write a further 2-3 plans.
  • Regional managers then review new plan proposals, providing coaching as required.
How many hours per week do users need to spend to be effective on Quorso?
  • Without Quorso, most front line managers typically spend six hours a week planning how to improve. With Quorso this only takes approximately one hour per week.
  • Regional managers use Quorso to streamline their weekly performance check-ins, so they use Quorso for 2-3 hours per week.
Are you ready to power your management, painlessly?