What it's like working with us.

Quorso provide a phenomenal level of service. They are highly engaged, involved, and always wanting to help. They're one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.

Chris Richardson, VP of Operations Party City
An expertly crafted, tried-and-tested approach

We provide you with the tools and techniques to launch a successful, full-scale implementation.

Drawing from numerous successful rollouts at some of the world’s largest retailers, we have developed a tried-and-tested, lightweight rollout approach that is easy to implement and highly effective.

We provide you with easy-to-use checklists, guides and templates to prepare for and manage your rollout, then equip you with the tools you need to take your users from engaged, to superusers.

And, we have a team of experts that are always on hand to help. Your success is our success, so we don’t leave you on your own.

1. Set up
2. Launch
3. Improve
"The Quorso interface is packed with information, yet simple and intuitive to use, making it easy for Store Managers to make decisions and take action.." Jessie Thomas, Sr Director of Store Operations at PetSmart 1. Set up

The app set-up process is largely done by us. All we need from you is: 1. A call with your IT team to set up a file transfer and automated user provisioning, 2. Data for your chosen use cases (we'll tell you exactly what fields we need), 3. Your IT team to whitelist our URL.

We do the rest!

Behind the scenes, we’ll be:
- Mapping your SKUs to a standardized product hierarchy across all stores, so performance can be compared
- Configuring the Quorso app to surface the highest impact opportunities
- Setting up robust processes for ingesting your data on a daily or weekly basis

From the data collected by users' actions, the app quickly learns what drives improvement and uses this insight to guide users' next steps. This method of automatic best practice sharing scales success across every store.

"In our first week, we were at 97% engagement. Over time, it has hovered at 88%, which is unheard of. We set 75% as the target we’d be happy with." Shawn Jenkins, Innovation & Strategy at PetSmart 2. Launch

You'll be guided through a two-step process to (1) build excitement around the launch, then (2) seamlessly onboard users via a simple in-app training module.

We will provide you with all of the information you need: a comprehensive checklist, best practice guides, ready-made comms templates and some optional extras (such as kick-off slides).

"We decided to just turn everybody on at the same time. We went from 204 stores to 1,667 stores on a Monday. One would expect that that could potentially cause a problem; we had no problems. The tool didn’t go down, all stores had Missions, everyone acted on their Missions.” Shawn Jenkins, Innovation & Strategy at PetSmart Improve

Every time a user launches a Mission in Quorso, your business improves. We obtain record engagement rates in our sector.

Using an arsenal of ready-to-go tools, you will embed Quorso into users’ routines, maintain high engagement and turn them into superusers. We'll check in with you regularly and provide bespoke insights to help.

Quorso is the best vendor I've worked with in 20 years of retail

Michael Diedrich, VP Store Productivity Tractor Supply