Webcast: How Restaurants can navigate COVID-19 like a tech start-up.

Sophie Slowe
Sophie Slowe 05/05/2020·45 min watch

Last week our CEO & Co-Founder Julian Mills was invited by our clients, Compass and RA Group, to a roundtable webcast on the outlook for the hospitality sector. The idea was to bring some agile start-up thinking to the problem, and the panel also included Marc Zornes, Founder & CEO of Winnow; Riya Grover, Founder & CEO of feedr; and Ian Braithwaite, CIO & start-up expert for Compass UK. Watch the full webcast below,  or click here to read RA Group’s summary of the highlights.

Coronavirus means that all the cards have been thrown up into the air and will land in a different way. Start-ups are go-karts, and can move very quickly to respond to situations like this.

Julian Mills, CEO & Co-Founder Quorso