The big question.

What does the future of stores look like?

Accelerated by the pandemic, the retail industry is going through huge shifts on multiple fronts.

The store will remain at the heart of retail, but as customer shopping demands and backend processes change rapidly, the role of the store is becoming more complex.

One common theme.

When the future is unknown, agility is essential.

Thought leaders in the retail industry are all making a similar prediction about the future of retail stores: agility will be crucial. Customers expect to shop when they want, where they want. And retailers need perfect execution at every point.

For retailers to cope with a future of volatility they must operate in a way that helps them adapt fast. Successful adaptation is built on agile experimentation: test-measure-learn, then scale what works.

Retailers who have already embraced this agile approach have future-proofed their store operations for whatever lies ahead.

Agility is a synonym for resilience, the greatest competitive edge and most powerful survival skill in running a relevant, meaningful business.
Agility, on every level of retail management, enables leaders of an organization to anticipate the future, not catch up to it.

Robin Lewis The Robin Report

Agile operations are foundational for delivering an omnichannel future. And retail stores need to learn from the agile practices already benefiting eCommerce.

RETHINK Retail Report: The Future Of Stores, June 2021
Agile in action.

Agile Stores explained in 90 seconds.

The store of the future.

Embracing Agile Stores: Tech + Humans.

Leading stores of the future will recognize the combined importance of both technology and employees (retail’s greatest natural resources).

Cutting-edge retail technology needs to be human-centric by design - simple, useful, and engaging - liberating managers from tedious, distracting tasks and helping them run insight-driven, powerful, agile stores.

Agile Abbie. A Store Manager in 2025...or sooner.
Agile Store Manager
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