OmniStars share their secrets to success.

Lessons from retail's
top innovators of 2022.

We teamed up with Omni Talk, the leading blog in retail innovation, to ask the question: “Who are the most impressive influencers in retail
and what can we learn from them?”

Here's what we learned...

Great customer experience depends on a unified operational experience.

In retail, we all talk about the importance of the omnichannel customer experience. But to deliver it on the frontend you also need an omnichannel operational experience on the backend. Or as Colin Yankee of Tractor Supply Company calls it, “Unified Commerce”.

Combining physical and digital, unifying information for stores and connecting the organization together are core foundations of successful retail today.

The importance of retail’s second customer.

“We think about our team members as our customers as well”, Stefanie Kruse Curly of Walgreens explains.

Innovators are taking the lessons we’ve learned from customer experience - the need to be personalized, frictionless, seamless - and applying them to manager and employee experience to stop teams falling over.

The speed of change in retail today demands new tools, new tech and a new approach to operations.

“Change is here to stay, the old model of ‘set it and forget it’ doesn’t exist anymore”, as Allison Peterson of Best Buy says.

With a rapidly changing environment and customer, ways we were managing in the past aren’t suitable for the present and future. All our OmniStars are aggressively investing in new technologies that offer the promise of simplifying and connecting the business to its employees.

Feedback loops have become essential.

“The field will understand the customer’s problems far better as they interact with them far more often”, shares Raghu Mahadevan, Chief Digital Officer at 7-Eleven.

Data is the plural of anecdote, and making sure you’re getting quantitative as well as qualitative insight from the field is essential. Building proper feedback processes enables understanding of what’s working at the field level, and also brings in diverse perspectives that are essential for innovation.

The formula for retail success: Prioritize. Act. Measure.

You don’t have to be as singular as Amazon’s single-threaded projects, like Dilip Kumar talks about.

But all OmniStars follow a simple Agile model, learned from the software world - Prioritize. Act. Measure. Such a philosophy is critical for iterating rapidly to success and fostering an Agile mindset.

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Best Buy's Chief Customer Officer.

What keeps a Chief Customer Officer up at night? Allison Peterson talks about how retail has become a total "team game". The need for iterative operations. Why customer obsession requires employee obsession. And why feedback from stores is crucial.

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Walgreen's VP Omnichannel.

How has omnichannel changed what is required of stores? Stefanie talks about new tools, new processes, new tech and new roles that have all been crucial to Walgreens successful launch of 30-minute delivery.

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Tractor Supply Company's CSCO.

What's the difference between "ominchannel" and "unified commerce"? Colin explains why joined up operations are as critical as customer focus. How new technology is bringing in more varied data. And the importance of test-and-learn to drive success.

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7-11s Chief Digital Officer.

What does a Chief Digital Officer do beyond ecommerce? Hear how Raghu and team work across the whole environment of customer interactions, especially stores. And how they built an innovation squad to continuously improve store team experiences.

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Amazon's VP Physical Retail.

Why is Just Walk Out technology stealing the headlines? Dilip explains Amazon's bold decision to do away with checkout lines entirely. Their single-threaded approach to prioritizing innovation. And the key to iterating, learning and never being idea starved.

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