Quorso at NRF 2024.

Thank you for joining us at NRF, we realize it was a busy few days, so we hope this is a helpful summary. Below you'll find:

  • Our areas of value
  • How companies get started
  • Some key data questions
  • Customer stories

  • Let's help you simplify and modernize Store Operations?

    Your Field Leaders are receiving 50x the data they did 10-years ago. It's complex, stressful and often overwhelming. After all, most Field Leaders are not trained business analysts.

    Quorso simplifies managing stores by analyzing all management data and translating it into the most valuable actions Field Leaders can take. Guided actions help identify the resolution while also collecting "crowd-sourced" feedback from peer stores. In addition, inbuilt measurement helps Field Leaders to understand what is and isn't working.

    Trusted by over 37k stores Quorso is helping make managing stores simpler, more effective and more productive.

    Our areas of value.

    Direct Benefits

    Whatever KPIs you are looking to improve, Quorso's targeted alerts (Missions) drive improved performance in each of them, directly boosting profitability.

    Improved Productivity

    Less time on non-value add analysis, more targeted work driven by data. Quorso saves field leaders hours.

    Fewer Systems

    Quorso's aim is to make you do less. Many customers turn off dozens of point solutions and dashboards to deploy management through a one stop shop.

    Example use cases for a $100bn grocer

    How companies get started.

    Our experienced Customer team has a tried and tested method for scoping out a roadmap to value that can get people started in a matter of weeks. With over 100 different use cases deployed - from driving sales uplift to returning lost equipment - Quorso's flexibility let's you spin up almost any Missions to meet your strategic needs

    Steps to getting started.

    Data Review

    Sign an NDA and Quorso's customer team will analyze the data you currently send to field teams, assess the extent of data overload, and estimate how much time needs to be spent analyzing data.

    Shadow Leaders

    We spend a half day with 1-2 field leaders to understand how they use the data you give them to identify issues and drive outcomes.

    Recommend Use Cases

    Leveraging our experience working with some of the world's top retailers across 100+ use cases, we present a value case to you of the roadmap of use cases and requirements to move to data driven operations today.

    Configure and roll out.

    Our in-house data team can get you configured days after receiving data. 95% of user require nothing more than our in-app on-boarding to get them up and running, delivering ROI in weeks

    Some key data questions.

    Quorso's designed and built to seamlessly interact with varied and ever-changing tech stacks at our retail customers. We are SOC2 Type 2 certified and have invested in our own flexible ETL tools to make transferring data as simple as possible. In particular on the three areas of questions we usually receive

    What our customers say.

    Don't just take our word for it.

    Managers at world-leading retailers explain how Quorso helps them streamline work, coach teams and drive sales.

    Why Dollar General DMs love using Quorso.

    How the US's largest store network is seeing greater productivity, impact and engagement using Quorso.

    How PetSmart are using Quorso.

    Hear how PetSmart are using Quorso to drive efficiency across stores.

    Globally recognized. Quorso has been awarded for both innovation and impact.

    Quorso won 'Technology Game-Changer' at the World Retail Awards and was listed in Retail Week's Discovery 50 Report, showcasing the world’s most innovative retail technologies.

    We are also a finalist for the 2023 VIP Award - 'Best Quick Impact Technology Solution' - sponsored by NRF. Winners announced Jan 13 in NYC!