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Improve operations from the palm of your hand.

  • Find profit hiding in all areas of your business, including revenue, spend, and labor.
  • Collaborate across hundreds of branches, and scale the best ideas across all of them.
  • Empower managers to learn, take action, and grow.

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How it Works

Quorso is the AI-powered platform that enables managers to improve their company’s bottom line.

Create clarity in your complex business

Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets, data analytics, and finance tools that make your eyes bleed.

Quorso takes in billions of data points and presents specific, actionable suggestions for improvement on a super clear, easy-to-use screen.

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Take action and repeat what works

Unlike a business intelligence system, we don’t just present a bunch of data and leave you to figure it all out. We explain what to do with it and help you along the way.

For each opportunity, a chatbot walks managers through creating an action plan and powerful AI tracks the outcomes. Through it all, you learn how to repeat success. Again and again.

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Empower your people

We’ve built some fancy tech, but our mission is actually a human one. Quorso gives managers real ownership by helping them implement – at scale – their brilliant ideas. We call it unlocking ingenuity, and it’s a win-win: Managers feel greater satisfaction at work and their whole company gets smarter and more efficient.

Increase your profit margin. A lot.

Quorso makes practices more standard across hundreds of locations and teams. Even the things that seem too small to worry about can make a huge difference.

Here’s what we mean: If you bring low performers up to average performance – which is how we set targets – you could double your profitability over time. See? Huge.

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