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Agile Stores: an urgent rethink for store ops.

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What does an Agile Store look like?

There are a lot of smart ideas and strategies around Agile Stores. But what does it actually look like on the ground once it's implemented?

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Quorso to the rescue.

Omnichannel has increased Store and District Leader workload by 30% and they're burned out and quitting.

Quorso takes off the pressure. It turns all their data, reports, tasks and targets into prioritized Missions for each store, making work simple, impactful and even fun.

We power Agile Store operations for some of the world's largest retailers.
We can't say much more than that right here, but they include...

Four of the #1

retailers in their category

Three of the Top 20

largest global retailers

More than 24k

live stores
(and counting...)

“This is like category sales on steroids. It saves Store Leaders time and brings opportunities to their attention without them having to dig on their own.”

Dustin, VP of Store Operations #1 US Pet Store Chain

“The change we saw even in the first few weeks using Quorso was dramatic. It's really simple to use, the guys love the fact that it's mobile and it's all done in front of the fixture so they can have a 'stop and stare' moment.”

Paul, District Manager #1 EU Home Improvement Retailer

“Hands down the platform is exceptional...the science is better than anything we have done...and the user-friendliness is outstanding. A tool for every Section Manager to use on the shop floor.”

Stuart Edwards, Store Manager Marks & Spencer

“Others are all analytics or task management. Quorso is the only thing that takes all of that and creates something that is a platform for ongoing improvement. I haven't found another one.”

Kevin Dearing, Continuous Improvement & Operations Anglian Water and Marks & Spencer

“These missions are helping us zone in on sometimes small actions that can make a big difference to sales. So many things we’ve done in the past are the opposite. I.e., Lots of industry analysis for often minimal sales gain.” 

Regional Manager, Region 13 #1 EU Home Improvement Retailer

“From an innovation standpoint, this gives us a leap forward to improve sales. We can see what other stores are doing, and how we can grow our sales off the back of their learning. It’s a great tool.”

Ronnie, District Leader #1 US Pet Store Chain

“I’ve been surprised at how many small things in the store we can fix. My team is competitive, so we review our opportunities each week, set missions, then communicate back to the team where we are ranking.”

Lewis, Store Leader, Store 225 #1 US Pet Store Chain
A new era in store management.

Quorso is globally recognized as the leading Agile Stores app.

Quorso was named by Retail Week and World Retail Congress as 2021’s Top Global Start-Up Powering Retail Innovation.

We got the 'Technology Game-Changer' award at the World Retail Awards and ranked 37th in Retail Week's Discovery 50 Report, showcasing the world’s most innovative retail tech startups.

Our team is ex-McKinsey, Google, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, Pivotal, Fourth and Omnicom. And we have some excellent advisors on board too, from Stanford professors, to veteran retail executives.

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