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1 Discover.

New to the concept of Agile Store Operations? Then start here to get your introductory briefing.

From articles and interviews, to webinars and infographics, we discuss the wider trends in retail that have inevitably led to the call for agile to be brought to retail store management.

2 Diagnose.

Diagnose is all about understanding your status quo and the challenges it causes for you. Getting this stage right is all about asking the right questions and making sure you have the appropriate information to answer them, recognizing that this will be a mixture of quantitative and qualitative.

When you’ve gone through this process, you’ll have a full picture of what it is you’re asking the field to do. You’ll also have identified any data and information gaps, and where there are any mismatches.

3 Define.

Define is all about setting out your solution to getting to Agile Store Operations. It involves three components: scope, approach, and business case.

4 Deploy.

Once the scope and approach are defined, it’s time to execute.

This section covers some crucial things in ensuring that your project is rolled out to your business effectively and is well-received by the end-users of Quorso. We break this down into three areas: Project governance; Driving adoption and change; Building in continuous improvement.