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Retail Trends 2023. Retail Store Productivity:
the next generation.

Store productivity is critical to retail performance. But it's halved in the last few years and keeps falling. This report explores why and how retailers urgently need to tackle their store productivity problem.

Specifically we look at:
- How to approach both sides of the productivity equation
- How data-driven alerts are revolutionizing inventory management, sales optimization and coaching
- Why a focus on District and Store Managers matters
- How to take a systems-wide approach to store operations

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The Tool. Intelligent behind the scenes, intuitive on the surface.

Quorso runs over 30 billion calculations a week for a typical large retail customer, but the interface is sleek and simple. Or as we like to say – if you can use Airbnb, you can use Quorso.

Cut through the clutter and simplify work for your store leaders.