The single solution to a big challenge.

Quorso is on a mission to make managing stores
simple and fun

No robots. No flying drones.

Store leaders are drowning in data, deadlines, tasks and targets.

But Quorso turns it all into personalized next-best-actions, to help them focus their efforts, see their impact and enjoy their success.

Take Action

No more time wasted in reports and spreadsheets. Store teams are already over-burdened, so clarity, focus and prioritization are critical.

Use Case

Central teams need to be able to communicate with and learn from the frontline in real time, so that they can steer the business smoothly.


The pandemic has brought teams closer together and highlighted the importance of support, recognition and always putting people first.

The Tool. Intelligent behind the scenes, intuitive on the surface.

Quorso runs over 30 billion calculations a week for a typical large retail customer, but the interface is sleek and simple. Or as we like to say – if you can use Airbnb, you can use Quorso.

Our values.

We are committed to
helping companies full of great people
achieve extraordinary results.

Value #1. Smart but simple solutions.

We believe it is the hardest problems that
require the most simple, elegant answers.

Quorsans are proactive, committed and
innovative problem-solvers.

Value #2. Humble and
always improving.

We know that continuous progress is
fuelled by curiosity.

Quorsans are constantly questioning,
honing their skills and graciously learning.

Value #3. Lean and hungry.

We are restless and aspire to make a
huge impact in the world.

Quorsans are bold, brave, nimble and
trust in each other’s expertise.

“Work with the best people you can, because that’s what’s going to make the difference.”

Dan Slowe CPO and Co-Founder