Ready for the challenge?

Quorso is on a mission to make growth and profitability effortless for the world's businesses.

Our call to arms.

Brick and mortar businesses are ready for a
fresh approach, and the solution is simple.
No robots. No flying drones.

Quorso seamlessly digitalizes your
analog performance management process,
from end-to-end. And all in a single tool.

Surface Insights

Saves time previously spent buried in spreadsheets, so managers can focus on delivering a great customer experience.

Take Action

Improves task execution,
compliance and overall
employee engagement.

Measure Impact

Gives execs full visibility and evaluation of all actions being taken, and rapidly identifies and intercepts emerging issues.

Scale Success
Celebrate &
Scale Success

Congratulates and cross-pollinates
proven best practice, so every
location can be as good
as your best.

Our values.

We are committed to
helping companies full of great people
achieve extraordinary results.

Value #1. Smart but simple solutions.

We believe it is the hardest problems that
require the most simple, elegant answers.

Quorsans are proactive, committed and
innovative problem-solvers.

Value #2. Humble and
always improving.

We know that continuous progress is
fuelled by curiosity.

Quorsans are constantly questioning,
honing their skills and graciously learning.

Value #3. Lean and hungry.

We are restless and aspire to make a
huge impact in the world.

Quorsans are bold, brave, nimble and
trust in each other’s expertise.

“Work with the best people you can, because that’s what’s going to make the difference.”

Dan Slowe CPO and Co-Founder