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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is Quorso easy to use?

Yes! The beauty of Quorso is that it has a lot of highly intelligent analytics going on “under the hood”. The simple, easy-to-understand user interface that sits on top means that users can easily interpret what Quorso is telling them. The short training clips on this page are all users need to learn the ins and outs of Quorso.

What structures does my business need to have in place before rolling out Quorso?

As well as being a tool for managers to use on a daily basis to manage the performance of their business areas, Quorso is intended to slot into your existing performance management processes as a platform to enhance business review meetings, line manager 1-2-1s, site visits, etc. It is, therefore, easier to embed Quorso into the organisation if these processes are already established. If senior members of your organisation are using Quorso to run their meetings, this also provides strong advocacy to encourage more junior managers to adopt the tool.

How much effort does it take to roll out Quorso?

Not a lot. Our deployment guide, which you can link to above, lays out the key steps that we recommend you take. 

Our suggestion is that you set up a small project team to help you develop and communicate your vision for using Quorso, then once you have defined your user group and deployment approach, it is a case of creating and sustaining momentum through a series of comms and follow-up calls to a sub-group of users. 

Who in my organization should I roll Quorso out to?

Our Deployment Guide details three roll-out options. Depending on your circumstances and requirements, you can choose one option, or conduct a phased roll-out that encompasses them all. 

The first is to roll out Quorso to a small central team, who share opportunities with frontline managers via email or social channels.  

The second is to roll out Quorso to Area Coaches, who manage their areas’ KPIs in Quorso and log improvement plans that they have discussed with their Site Managers. 

The third is to roll out to the Area Coaches and the Site Managers, all of whom collaborate on managing KPIs and logging/reviewing improvement plans in Quorso.

Who should I engage with before rolling out Quorso?

Successfully executing a change often requires visible support from key people. We therefore recommend that you identify stakeholders in the Central, Finance or Operations teams who may be impacted by the change or who’s buy-in will help encourage your users to adopt it. Our suggested method of engaging these stakeholders is to send them comms to make them aware of the change and to share your vision, then to hold 1-2-1 or group meetings to explain and discuss the benefits of the project.

Do you offer additional support services?

Yes! Should you require our support to deploy Quorso, we would be happy to discuss the addition of supplementary professional services. You can contact our Customer Success team via