Helping Taco Bell adapt to a pandemic-proof way of working.

Sophie Cole
Sophie Cole 07/06/2020·1 min read

We are extremely excited to have re-launched Quorso at Lockwood McKinnon this week!

The established Taco Bell franchisee, which has 29 restaurants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, has been partnering with us over the past few months to develop Quorso’s agile management tool to perfectly suit the needs of QSRs.

Following an initial launch in December, which brought all of Lockwood McKinnon’s revenue and labor data into the app, the leadership team realized that they weren’t making full use of Quorso… they wanted ALL of their data in one place!

This got our Product team thinking and, with impressive speed, they developed the capability to apply Quorso’s intelligent benchmarking and Best-Next-Action Engine to operational, as well as financial, metrics – such as cost of sale variance, CSAT, speed of service, etc.

Lockwood McKinnon’s five Area Coaches are now using Quorso each week to help them manage all of their KPIs remotely. Bringing Quorso into their existing weekly performance meetings and processes gives them everything they need to manage their restaurants in one place – KPIs, teams, actions, and data. So they can quickly align teams and actions to KPIs,  identify where KPIs are going off track, and intervene early. Under the strains of Covid-19, this really helps relieve some of the pressure on the frontline teams, who are undertaking responsibilities in their restaurants that they wouldn’t have done previously. Quorso enables Area Coaches to focus their 1-2-1 conversations, provides a platform for colleagues to collaborate on improvement actions, and tracks the impact of each action taken in an agile way.

Over the next couple of months, Lockwood McKinnon’s key focuses are to improve their speed of service, perfect the accuracy of their labor scheduling, and reduce waste. However, the beauty of Quorso is that the KPIs it uses to trigger alerts and generate Best-Next-Actions can be revised in seconds, so teams are always aligned to business priorities. This agile approach to management gives businesses like Lockwood McKinnon a tangible advantage, especially through such volatile times.

Stay tuned to find out how Lockwood McKinnon continues to get on with Quorso helping them manage their business better!