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Data + Action = Dollars.

Every 'Quorso Mission' drives an average of 16% sales improvement.
This adds up to a 1-2% increase in weekly revenue and 6-8% cost saving,
within a couple of months.

Engagement is instant and consistently high, and our NPS is strong.

Mission Engagement 93 %

of stores launched Missions this week

Mission Activity 12847

live Missions in Quorso right now

Mission Success 88 %

of live Missions driving $ uplift

Mission Efficiency 6 hrs

saved per Manager this week

Mission Improvement
19.1 %

avg sales increase per Mission

16.2 %

avg cost decrease per Mission

Meet the KPI Dashboard & Leaderboard.

Rapid alignment at all times.

Unlike a passive BI tool, the KPI Dashboard doesn’t just show you your data. It shows you every Quorso Mission your team has launched to improve your KPIs, the impact of each Mission, and where to boost performance even more.

Set a new KPI in seconds and, as soon as you do, Quorso’s intelligent analytics layer scours through all your data and sends each store their own Missions to improve it.

Track the progress of your region

Operational KPIs
on target

+4 last week
19 /22
Measure the actions of each store
Active Plans 1864
$ 96 k / week

Sales increase across
stores in your region

Helping some of the world's largest retailers.

Agile improvement is underway as you read this.

For Operators.

Hear what Quorso delivers for our customers.

"Easy. Efficient. To the point. Quorso takes the Category Sales Report and elevates it to a whole new level."

Area Manager, Pet Store

"Others are all analytics or task management. [Quorso is] the only thing that takes all of that and creates something that is a platform for ongoing improvement. I haven't found another one."

Kevin Dearing, Continuous Improvement & Operations, Anglian Water & M&S

"I was originally more cautious in retrospect than I needed to be about getting everyone on Quorso...so we just gave it to a couple of GMs. Right away they were like, "This is awesome, we get it. This isn't super complicated." Once I knew they liked it and were using it to make decisions, we sped up the rollout."

Lawrence Lessing, Senior Vice President, Blaze Pizza

"Before Quorso, we would have run things and celebrated ourselves without actually knowing the impact. It was manual and time consuming for an analyst to sit down and work out what had sold, now it's automatic."

Head of Finance, Compass

"The beauty of it is the interactive learning side. You can see what other people have done to drive their improvements. And you can learn from your peers in that process. In the old times, you'd have to hold big conferences to learn from each other what's working well."

Kevin Dearing, Continuous Improvement & Operations, Anglian Water & M&S

"We introduced Quorso to stores as, "something we'd like you to do", but they came back saying, "this is something we need to have". Because they could see, day-to-day, the improvement from their actions. There's nothing more powerful than being able to understand that the thing I've done has made a positive difference and therefore was the right thing to do."

Kevin Dearing, Continuous Improvement & Operations, Anglian Water & M&S

"Quorso's a brilliant product. I highly recommend it to any retailer looking to create an improvement culture because it's bloody hard to do that without a proper platform. Training people and hoping they embrace improvement won't work. You need something to underpin it. And that's what Quorso does for me."

Kevin Dearing, Continuous Improvement & Operations, Anglian Water & M&S
For Managers.

And how Quorso makes things easier, quicker, and more engaging for its users.

"The change that has been made just a few weeks using Quorso has been dramatic. It's really simple to use, the guys love the fact that it's mobile and it's all done in front of the fixture so they can have a 'stop and stare' moment."

Unit Manager, Home & Garden Store

"Hands down the platform is exceptional...the science is better than anything we have done...and the user-friendliness is outstanding. A tool for every Section Manager to use on the shop floor."

Stuart Edwards, Store Manager, M&S

"I like the fact that you're grouped with similar stores in the company. It makes leaders feel they're being analyzed on a fair playing field."

Store Manager, Pet Store

"The big feedback I've been getting from my team is that we have everything on one screen which is really helpful for us. We would literally be going into five different programs to get that one screen."

Meagan, Manager, Blaze Pizza
The Tool. Intelligent behind the scenes, intuitive on the surface

Quorso runs over 30 billion calculations a week for our typical large retailers, but the interface is sleek and simple. Or as we like to say – if you can use Airbnb, you can use Quorso.

Quorso Desktop

#QuorsoForGood. We're on a Quorso Mission to improve the sustainability of your business.

In addition to sales and costs, Quorso can be used to drive improvement of any Operational KPI.

An impressive list of world leading retailers have already signed up to the British Retail Consortium's 'Climate Action Roadmap', committing to hit net zero by 2040.

Agile management and focused efforts will be critical for reaching these tough targets. Data-driven Quorso Missions can make sure the best actions are taken and stores are rewarded for showing real progress.

Earlier this year we put Quorso's analytics engine to the test on a global scale, crunching worldwide carbon emissions data to find specific Quorso Missions for each country to reduce damage. Read more about what we learned.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Still got some questions?
We’re here to help.

Can I overlay broader business initiatives and incorporate KPIs?
  • Yes, absolutely. You can steer Quorso’s Opportunities to align with or to prioritize company initiatives, campaigns, promotions, etc.
  • You can also integrate Quorso with your BI tool, combining the charts you love with the actions that will improve them.
  • Learn more about using Quorso to enhance your existing tech stack here.
How long does it take to get set up on Quorso?
  • 3-4 weeks, once we receive your data.
  • Includes two days of your Data Lead – the rest is done by Quorso.
  • You can learn more about implementing Quorso here.
How many hours per week do users need to spend to be effective on Quorso?
  • Without Quorso, most front line managers typically spend six hours a week planning how to improve. With Quorso this only takes approximately one hour per week.
  • Regional managers use Quorso to streamline their weekly performance check-ins, so they use Quorso for 2-3 hours per week.
Why are Quorso’s insights better than my BI tool?
  • Typical BI tools focus on 7-8 relatively high-level metrics which present a summary snapshot of your business. Quorso looks at everything, and directs your attention to the granular actions that could best improve those metrics.
  • BI tools are great for watching what is happening, but they do not take, track or measure action, so they do not deliver tangible improvements that can be scaled over time.
  • Read more about how Quorso augments BI and other platforms here.
Are you ready for a new era in store management?