The 9 ways you need to run your stores differently from today.

Julian Mills, CEO Quorso
Julian Mills 09/29/2020·10 min read

Earning every last cent from your store network has never been more important.

So the world’s smartest retailers are rapidly adapting how they align stores to priorities, activate teams, drive sales and improve KPIs.

In this guide we explain the 9 most critical ways to do this:

  1. Stop overwhelming your Store team with data.
  2. Go agile or go bust.
  3. Forget last year… it’s ancient history.
  4. It’s all about great store execution.
  5. Don’t put (all) your trust in task management.
  6. Coach every store every day.
  7. Measure the $ impact of what you do, or risk scaling failure.
  8. Stop fighting the same battles.
  9. Celebrate each store’s wins every day.
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