Omni Talk podcast: Key Trends In Agile Store Management Theory & Practice

Gabrielle Reason
Gabrielle Reason 07/22/2021·30 minutes

Our wonderful friends at Omni Talk caught up again with Julian to talk through all the latest trends and learnings that are coming out of the Agile Stores movement. This time Chris Walton gets Julian to really drill down into what the concept means at a day-to-day instore level, and how making sure small but consistent improvement happens here adds up to make a massive difference to overall company performance.

Highlights of the chat:

  • 3:45 – Where the idea of ‘agile’ comes from
  • 10:00 – The right blend of analytics and UX to make it all happen
  • 13:55 – What companies are ready for culturally when it comes to being agile
  • 20:00 – Why running stores is also an incredibly localized business
  • 24:00 – Why in-stocks may not be a retailer’s biggest problem
  • 26:00 – How small long-tail changes, just like in e-commerce, can add up to huge impacts over time

Listen to the whole conversation in the widget below, or check it out on Apple and Spotify.