How Quorso helps.

Agile or bust.

Quorso’s Agile Stores platform delivers
rapid value for complex, multi-site retail businesses.

The problem Quorso solves.

Store leaders are responsible for 90% of your business. But they are drowning and being ignored...

Surface Insights

Store leaders typically receive 30+ reports a week and spend 6+ hours trawling through them

Take Action

They must juggle data, tasks, apps and omnichannel demands and don't know how to prioritize

Measure Impact

Their impact is not easy to measure or clearly visible, which quickly becomes demotivating

Scale Success

And weak communication with peers and central teams means any success is hard to scale across the business

The consequence.

Store leaders are inefficient, exhausted and leaving the industry. Churn is at a record high and retailers are losing 11% of sales and 9% of labor every week.

Retail use cases.

Quorso drives rapid improvement across your business.

Increase sales

Manage availability, attachments and visual merchandizing.

Focus on KPIs

Ensure every team and all actions are aligned to your KPIs.

Fulfil instore better

Streamline BOPIS and BORIS processes to improve timelines.

Schedule staff right

Adapt your staff schedule to fluctuating demand.

Retail users.

Quorso makes work simple for all levels of your store management.

Central Store Ops. Drive your store network like a go-kart, not a bus.
  • Make sure every store is working on your priorities.
  • Get early warning of performance problems and fix them fast.
  • Drive consistency across each region and store.
  • Recognize your best store managers (not the managers of your best stores).
District Manager. Save time, travel less and achieve more.
  • Run better store visits: see what to focus on and track every agreed action.
  • Coach every store every day, even when you’re not there.
  • Free up quality time to focus on the 20% of stores that need your help.
  • Learn effortlessly what’s working in other regions.
Store Manager. Be the best retailer you can be.
  • Spend less time reading reports and more delivering a great customer experience.
  • See exactly where to focus to drive your top (and bottom) line.
  • Measure the improvement you’re driving in your store.
  • See what other stores are doing, and share what you find is working.

“Hands down the platform is exceptional…the science is better than anything we have done…and the user-friendliness is outstanding. A tool for every District Manager to use while on the store floor.”

District Manager Marks & Spencer, Cambridge
Cut through the clutter.
Embrace Agile Stores today!