Users + Use Cases

Connect your organization: deliver value across all levels of store management.

Whether you're a Central User, Senior Operator, District Manager or Store Manger, Quorso is for you.
Our 100+ use cases help you improve across all your businesses core KPIs.


District Managers. Save time, support your team and achieve more.
  • Plan your week based on where you are needed most.
  • Run better store visits: see what to focus on and track every agreed action.
  • Coach every store every day, even when you’re not there.
  • Learn effortlessly what’s working in other regions.
Store Managers. Be the best retailer you can be.
  • Spend less time analyzing data in the back office and more time delighting customers on the floor.
  • See exactly where to focus each day to drive your top (and bottom) line.
  • Measure the impact each action you take has on your store performance.
  • See what other stores are doing, and share what you find is working.
Central Store Ops. Connect right from Executive level to the shop floor.
  • Make sure every store is working on your priorities.
  • Get early warning of performance problems and fix them fast.
  • Drive consistency across each region and store.
  • Recognize your best store managers (not the managers of your best stores).

Use Cases

With over 100 different use cases deployed from driving sales uplift to returning lost equipment, Quorso's flexibility let's you spin up almost any use case to meet your strategic needs.

3 steps to use case discovery.

Our experienced Customer team has a tried and tested method for scoping out a roadmap to value.

Data Review

Sign an NDA and Quorso's customer team will analyze the data you currently send to field teams, assess the extent of data overload, and estimate how much time needs to be spent analyzing data.

Shadow Leaders

We spend a half day with 1-2 field leaders to understand how they use the data you give them to identify issues and drive outcomes.

Recommend Use Cases

Leveraging our experience working with some of the world's top retailers across 100+ use cases, we present a value case to you of the roadmap of use cases and requirements to move to data driven operations today.

Example use cases for a $100bn grocer

Mission Types.

Quorso surfaced priorities that drive related KPIs are referred to as Missions. Every Mission has a workflow with dynamic root causes, guidance, and then subsequent performance tracking. Core Mission types include:

OpportunitiesAlertsStorewalksThemesPrioritized Tasks
Opportunities are Missions suggested based on deviations from what Quorso has analyzed as expected baseline performance on a store e.g. sales sub-category underperformance.Alerts are Missions based on dynamic rules-based logic that alert to a process or execution issue e.g. Self-check-out down.Storewalks are dynamic store surveys that are generated based on data and can generate Missions off the back of completion e.g. Quarterly store audit.Themes are Missions surfaced by collecting feedback from Store actions, analyzing and sending themes to central teams and senior field leaders e.g. Shrink is increasing in Region X due to Y.Quorso can also generate event-based prioritized tasks that can also be dynamically linked to data e.g. Product recall, new promotion.