Announcing Quorso Missions: a new way to drive store improvement every day.

Daniel Cunningham
Dan Cunningham 10/12/2020·1 min read

Over the last few weeks, Quorso has released the most significant upgrade in our history. After working with and listening to retail leaders and experts, Quorso now has a new look and host of game-changing features, all designed and built together with customers. Managing store operations is now more agile, simple, and human than ever before, helping you launch success in the 2020s and beyond.

Whether you’re a senior executive setting strategy, a regional manager coaching your team, or a store manager focused on day-to-day execution and serving customers, Quorso is now the one stop shop for retailers to manage their business and deliver material improvement.

A cornerstone of the new Quorso experience are “Missions”, which give you three functional powers:

1. Mission Control.

This screen focuses each manager on 3 top priority, daily actions guaranteed to improve sales, reduce costs, or drive KPIs in their own store.

Quorso then guides them through taking action, and then continuously measures its impact on performance.

2. Team Management.

Summarizes for leaders with multiple stores the opportunities, actions, and successes of their team members.

So they can quickly see exactly where coaching is needed and congratulations are deserved – and deliver both on the fly.

3. Business Management.

Aligns your team to new KPIs in seconds by instantly and frictionlessly hunting through all your Management Information and sending the next-best actions to each store.

Then provides full visibility on how those actions are being executed and the results they are driving.

Today we’ll focus on the new Mission Control experience. If you’d like to be among the first to have a sneak peek of the new product in action, fill in the form below.

Know the health of your business improvement immediately. See the progress of all actions being taken, at a glance.

Mission Control radically simplifies store management.

What should I focus on?

What is actually working?

During months of customer research, these were the two key challenges that consistently came up.

The average manager spends 6 hours trying to interpret a host of reports, e-mails, and other sources to answer these questions…

Mission Control answers them in seconds.

It breaks how you manage into 4 simple buckets:

1. The “Mission Inbox” gives each store automatically generated daily, top priority actions.

Quorso constantly hunts through all your Management Information to surface 3 daily next-best actions, guaranteed to drive the KPIs that are most aligned with current company strategy.

2. “Pre-launch” is where store managers get guidance and input into their Missions.

Pre-launch takes managers through the planning process (drafts, submitted proposals, and feedback incorporation), with user-friendly workflows, suggested route causes, data drill-downs, and a best practice playbook.

3. “Live” allows store managers to track the exact impact of their Missions.

Not just whether their actions are driving performance improvement, but also whether they are rising up the leaderboard vs their peers. Live plans can be continuously reviewed and “course corrected”.

4. The “Archive” becomes every store’s library of learnings and best practices.

Completed Missions, both successes and failures, remain accessible for stores to keep track of their smart plans and achievements. Did something not work? Launch a follow-up plan. Or was it a huge success? Then recognize those who contributed and share the secret formula across stores to multiply the impact.

“We choose to go to the Moon.”

John F. Kennedy

You may have noticed that Quorso’s new look has a theme to it: Space.

Quorso is setting out to drive the same ingenuity and collectivism in business that is needed in space programs. These human endeavors rapidly achieved beyond what was thought possible at the time.

The 2020s will be transformational for retail, with increasingly volatile markets and rapidly changing customer habits. An agile, simple, and human approach to management is essential to help retailers achieve success.

Quorso’s Mission Control is designed to manage each store’s focused business priorities, actions, and impact all in one place, so efforts stay streamlined and everyone knows and does exactly what’s needed to reach the moon!