Happy Thanksgiving from all at Quorso.

Gabrielle Reason
Gabrielle Reason 11/26/2020·4 min read

This Thanksgiving has been a particularly poignant one for us. Not only does it feel particularly apt given our rapid growth in the US this year, but there’s also been an astounding amount for us to be thankful for this year – in spite of everything.

Having buckled down and weathered the storm, we’ve made incredible progress and new opportunities keep tumbling in week on week. With a new spirit of yankee cheer in the company, we asked round our team what everyone’s been thankful for this year…

Two things I’m thankful for...

My colleagues - who’ve retained their good humor and drive through a really difficult period. Quorso has transformed beyond recognition in the last 9 months to adapt to where we are.

My wife - who’s had to see a lot more of me than she probably expected to in the first year of marriage.

Phil Thorne

I'm thankful for the amount we've been able to help retailers over the last few months. It's a challenging industry at the best of times, but even those who have stayed strong this year have had to rapidly adapt their ways of working like never before.

Ross McMillan

I'm thankful to be working with an amazing team who have come together like never before to achieve great things, look after each other, and make working from home so fun it actually feels like we're stronger culturally than when we had an office!

Secondly, I am thankful for all our customers, users, and champions who kindly took the time to share with our product team their thoughts on the future of operational management, on the new possibilities Quorso unlocks for them, on how we can help them adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and their feedback on our new product ideas. Every one of these people has helped us use this time to take our product to the next level and contributed to the Quorso DNA and our mission-oriented approach.

Thirdly, I’m grateful for the learning opportunities that Quorso has supported. I’ve spent a lot of time learning more about sustainable business this year. This has given me a strong grounding in the case for putting sustainability at the heart of businesses, the policy environment, and how this can actually be done operationally. And most important the tools, network, and confidence to pursue developing this use case for Quorso!

Daniel Cunningham

20 years ago, I made my own mini-Mayflower voyage (in a United Airlines seat) to the US. This Thanksgiving I want to say “THANK YOU” to the many kind Americans who welcomed me and created opportunities for me, and for Quorso, the business Daniel Slowe and I founded there.

Thank you to all the incredible individuals who have helped us out from day one, motivating and supporting. The generosity of your time, advice and data has helped build the amazing product we have today.

And thank you to all our amazing US customers, colleagues and partners. Any success we have is thanks to you!

Julian Mills, CEO Quorso

I am thankful to have worked with a team who stayed positive through this upside-down year, and in doing so kept me positive. I am grateful for the little shots of laughter I have been given by everyone each and every day.

Dan Slowe, Quorso