Quorso and StorIQ announce partnership to close the loop between insights and action.

Sophie Slowe
Sophie Slowe 11/11/2020·2 min read
Quorso feeds data-driven, store-specific, sales opportunities directly into StorIQ’s task execution interface.

London, November 11th, 2020 – Quorso, the store performance platform, is integrating with StorIQ’s retail operations and task management app, to deliver personalized and prioritized daily sales opportunities, directly into the hands of Store Managers.

Founded in 2016, Quorso’s advanced analytics engine simplifies reams of retail data into 3 daily, next-best actions for each store. These ‘Quorso Missions’ are guaranteed to engage teams, increase sales and drive KPIs. Quorso then helps stores launch their Missions, measures the impact and scales the ones that work.

However, as the retail landscape continues to go through rapid digital transformation, there are only so many apps that Store Managers can be expected to use on a daily basis.

StorIQ, with its slick and seamless combination of tools for store communications, task management, visual merchandising compliance and store visits, is the go-to app for major global retailers in 55 countries.

This also makes it the perfect app for Quorso, who switched to a platform-agnostic model in 2020 as part of a broader strategy to deliver their ‘Quorso Missions’ to Store Managers, in whichever channel or platform they want them.

Store Managers will receive their 3 daily Quorso Missions alongside their tasks created in StorIQ. They’ll be guided on how best to launch each Mission, based on how peers have successfully tackled the same issue. Behind the scenes, Quorso will track and measure the impact of each live Mission, and report improvement back to Store Managers via StorIQ’s comms interface.

A future roll-out, aimed at Area Managers, is also in the pipeline. This will again use embedded insights from Quorso, this time to help Area Managers focus their attention on those stores that need it most, while giving them granular visibility of team performance and improvement over time.

“At StorIQ, we believe that when store teams are empowered and supported by technology to get the details right, the results can be spectacular. StorIQ makes it easy for store teams to improve in-store execution, and we’re excited by the potential to help them drive sales by including Quorso’s trading actions as part of the StorIQ platform.”

Amy Bastow Managing Director, StorIQ

“Every retailer out there knows that store execution is critical for commercial success, but it’s not just about operational excellence and compliance. Robust analytics can find unique opportunities in every store which, when actioned, not only add significant improvement to sales, but also engage and motivate Store Managers and teams.

That said, we know that store employees are at capacity – especially this year – which is why we’ve decided to take our Quorso Missions to them, vs expecting them to come to us. So, we are thrilled to be partnering with StorIQ, to deliver our Missions through their leading and lauded interface.”

Julian Mills Co-Founder & CEO, Quorso
StorIQ’s 3 core modules are enhanced by Quorso.

About StorIQ.

Established in 2014, StorIQ is a leading task management and retail operations platform which is currently deployed in 55 countries and 22 languages. We bring together store communications, task management, visual merchandising compliance and store visits in one easy to use app.

With two-way comms and task management, we provide a transformational level of visibility. By combining compliance reporting, organized photos, and a store visit app for Area Managers, StorIQ can increase the productivity of stores, retail operations teams and Area Managers.

Ultimately, we help our customers to increase sales, reduce cost and drive productivity in their retail operations.

For more information visit: storiq.net

About Quorso.

Founded in 2016, Quorso is revolutionizing store management. Its intelligent benchmarking algorithms simplify reams of retail data into 3 top-priority daily actions (‘Quorso Missions’) for every store, guaranteed to engage teams, increase Sales and drive KPIs. Then helps teams launch their Missions, measures the impact and scales what works.

Through a user experience everyone is raving about, retail Executives steer their businesses, knowing which actions are driving improvement. Area Managers coach and motivate every team member. And Store Managers only focus on what matters.

Major US and European retailers are seeing an average of 16% improvement on each Quorso Mission and ROI within 4 weeks.

Find out more: contact@quorso.com