Quorso announces partnership with REPL to expedite Agile Stores movement.

Sophie Slowe
Sophie Slowe 04/20/2021·2 min read

London, 20 April, 2021 – Quorso, the Agile Stores app, has partnered with REPL, part of Accenture, to make retail store operations agile, simple and human.

Accelerated by Covid, the retail landscape is shifting rapidly, and retailers have been forced to get agile, fast. Their need to adapt is the focus for both Quorso and REPL, who are committed to helping large retail businesses streamline management processes, improve store performance and use smart technology to stay ahead of the pace of change.

Quorso’s Agile Stores app simplifies company data into three top priority daily actions (referred to as ‘Missions’) for every store, with the aim of engaging teams, increasing sales and driving KPIs. Teams can launch new Missions, measure their impact and scale the ones that work. Store Managers know where to focus, get quick access to best practice and are motivated by seeing their direct impact on the business. Meanwhile central teams know exactly how every store and every Mission is driving their KPIs, and can edit KPIs in seconds too, triggering Quorso to generate new Missions for the new targets.

REPL’s deep retail experience and cutting-edge technology expertise, coupled with Quorso’s ground-breaking store performance tool, is the obvious combination for any major retailer looking to embed agile practices and benefits into their store management in weeks not months.

"At Quorso we live and breathe engagement, because every completed Mission drives a 19% sales uplift – so the more Missions you take, the more money you make. That’s why we’ve made sure using Quorso is fun, intuitive and valuable and why, as a result, 93% of stores launch a new Mission every week. REPL’s people-first approach is perfectly aligned to ours and is one of the key reasons we are so excited about where this partnership will go.”

Julian Mills Co-Founder & CEO, Quorso

REPL is committed to bringing clients the latest digital enterprise systems to help their businesses grow and thrive. Their recent acquisition by Accenture further enhances this promise, with Accenture’s 360° end-to-end transformational capabilities and global reach.

Jason Toogood, Global Alliance Director – Workforce Transformation at REPL says: “In an ever-changing retail environment, we are committed to delivering measurable results to our customers, and Quorso’s Agile Stores app creating daily actionable ‘Missions’ is a fantastic addition to the portfolio of technology options we can offer. We’re excited to come together to take technology-led transformation to the next level for our clients and help global retailers deliver rapid and sustainable value.”

Quorso and REPL are already working closely together on their thought-leadership, collaborating recently on a 28-page Agile Stores report, in partnership with a collection of other retail experts, influencers and operators. Sophie Slowe, CMO of Quorso, adds: “Culturally, this partnership is a great fit, and the REPL Team has the same ethos as us. They work in a way that is flexible, fun and constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. At Quorso we not only want our product to be agile, simple and human, we want our relationships to be that way too.”