Quorso joins the UN's Race to Zero.

Julian Mills, CEO Quorso
Julian Mills 03/18/2021·2 min read

Retail has a waste problem. Wasted food uses up 20% of the Earth’s water, requires 12% of our land, and produces 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And every second, a truckload of clothing is landfilled or burned. Consumers want action now: Nielsen found 73% will switch their spending to retailers who are environmentally responsible.

Quorso is proud to help tackle this generational issue by joining the Race to Zero. We will offer all retailers using Quorso’s Agile Stores platform to drive Sales, the opportunity to manage and reduce store-based waste for free. And in parallel, we are eliminating Quorso’s own carbon emissions by reducing travel and switching our servers to run on clean energy.

“Climate change is the #1 global priority for our generation. We all need to step up to help deliver Net Zero. And we can’t wait for business to return to normal post-pandemic. I am proud, therefore, that Quorso is contributing by eliminating our own carbon emissions, and by helping many of the world's largest retailers reduce theirs".

Julian Mills CEO, Quorso

Quorso’s app makes managing stores agile, simple and fun, by nudging each store leader to take 3-4 daily next-best-actions (we call them ‘Missions’) to improve Sales or reduce Waste. Missions typically involve practical store-level changes that can make a big difference to Waste or Sales, e.g., rotating stock, optimizing reduce-to-clear, reducing damage. On average, each Mission improves performance in that area by 20%.

Quorso offers retailers a new power to drive their sustainability targets. At the same time as joining the Race to Zero commitment, we’re also launching our WOW program – War on Waste – with our current users. If you are a retailer and want to start reducing in-store waste now, please do get in touch to find out more about our new zero-cost program.