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All the moving pieces.

A deep-dive into Quorso’s features and functionality.

Quorso gives every store 3 top-priority daily Missions, guaranteed to drive sales, waste and other KPIs. Then guides them through Mission activation, measures the improvement and learns what works.


Proprietary data pipeline consolidates and maps your financial and operational data.

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Intelligent analytics layer uses your chosen baseline, (last year, budget, forecast or peer group), to find store-specific leaks.

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Learning algorithms prioritize each leak, based on previous results and strategic initiatives/KPIs set in Quorso.

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Accountability, rewards and badges make doing good work fun and motivating for Managers and Teams.

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In-built coaching helps Managers to identify root causes of their leaks and follow best practices for executing Missions.

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Advanced analytics calculates precise improvement of each Mission and celebrates the impact of Managers and Teams.

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Always-on learning layer automatically shares proven best practices, so success is scaled exponentially.

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Seeing is believing.

All sound too good to be true?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Still got some questions?
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How does Quorso integrate with my existing data and systems?
  • Quorso has pre-built connectors to dozens of the most popular data systems – and we are adding more all the time. See our full list of integrations here.
  • Our proprietary data pipeline enables us to automatically ingest data of any type, format, volume, and frequency.
How long does it take to get set up on Quorso?
  • 3-4 weeks, once we receive your data.
  • Includes two days of your Data Lead – the rest is done by Quorso.
  • You can learn more about implementing Quorso here.
Does Quorso require a lot of new processes?
  • Quorso fits seamlessly within your existing operational management process, with no need
    for changes.
  • Most Store Managers review Quorso on a Monday instead of, or alongside, their existing management information. They see how their existing plans are progressing, and then typically write a further 2-3 plans.
  • Regional managers then review new plan proposals, providing coaching as required.
How many hours per week do users need to spend to be effective on Quorso?
  • Without Quorso, most front line managers typically spend six hours a week planning how to improve. With Quorso this only takes approximately one hour per week.
  • Regional managers use Quorso to streamline their weekly performance check-ins, so they use Quorso for 2-3 hours per week.
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