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We process 1000s of Missions every day, completed by store teams at world-leading agile retailers, and we're constantly learning more about
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Our Lab Team aims to answer definitively with data the questions everyone has always wanted to know about what really drives performance in stores.

Agile insights.

Top stats from our Agile Stores Lab.

Based on 22,583 Sales-related Missions.

High value improvement is concentrated in a few key actions.

The stores analyzed in our Agile Stores Lab receive on average 21 Missions each week greater than $200/week.

These actions are different for each store.

Over 80% of potential Missions are surfaced at only four or fewer stores.

Taking the right actions doesn't have to be hard.

Stores leak on average 10.6% of sales through simple instore issues.

And taking (the right) actions really works!

81% of Missions generate positive improvement of $165/week on average.

The more Missions, the more improvement.

The stores in our Lab doing 3 Missions per week see an average weekly sales uplift of $4k, while the stores doing 5 Missions see $7k.

Digging in to the data.

Our Lab analyzed Mission data from Quorso retailers to measure just how much their Agile Stores are improving.

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