NRF 2023 Wash-Up: What were our highlights?

Phil Thorne 01/24/2023·1 min read

NRF trend reports are everywhere this week, so we thought we’d do something different. Highlight the 5 things we actually enjoyed most about NRF.

1. No buzzwords – back to core operations and execution.

People were not distracted by the Metaverse, crypto or web3. Instead, everyone was talking about the demands of the current retail environment, and the critical need to focus on exceptional execution.  We did not find ourselves having conversations about the next new, shiny object, but instead discussing with retailers what really drives productivity in their stores and elsewhere.

2. Retailers wanting field leaders to lead – not be business analysts.

One of the biggest statements we heard again and again is how field leaders have basically become number-crunchers. The amount of analysis the modern field leader is expected to do each day requires a financial degree.

It feels retailers are more committed than ever to Quorso’s cause. Removing the complexity of so many reports, systems and activities so field leaders can focus on what they do best – driving store performance.

3. Deep conversations with some of the world’s most innovative retailers.

With 1,000+ vendors and 30,000 other attendees to catch up with, NRF is crazy at the best of times. The fact that we had some of the world’s largest retailers, with revenues bigger than most countries, spend so much time with us was humbling, (I think the record was 2 hours with a company that has 16k+ stores). You challenged our thinking on how we can add to the 87 use cases we currently cover and we hope we challenged your thinking too.

4. Retailers who actually brought operators (and store managers).

NRF is traditionally an IT focused event, but in the modern tech environment it’s madness not to bring the operators who use this technology every day. 

Ops team attendance is definitely increasing but our special shout out goes to Canadian Tire Company, who brought two dealers (i.e. store managers) to test-run live the impact of Quorso’s technology on their daily work. 

Retailers take note. Up your ops attendance for next year.

5. Quorso being a top retail technology for 2023.

Leaders from McKinsey, Accenture, Alvarez & Marsal and OmniTalk nominated Quorso  as one of the “must see” retail technologies at NRF 2023. We’re really grateful. We also got an NRF VIP Award for ‘Best Quick Impact Technology’. 

If you missed us at NRF no worries, there’s always the opportunity to touch base. Book some time with us below.