Five steps to drive Agile Retail Management.

11/09/2020·5 min read

Phil Thorne is Quorso's MD of North America and David Ritter is an MD in Alvarez & Marsal's Consumer & Retail Group.

A joint perspective from Quorso and Alvarez & Marsal’s Consumer & Retail Group on the critical management model changes retailers need to make, right now.

“We have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

Satya Nadella, April 2020 CEO, Microsoft
Joint thought piece.

Five steps to drive Agile Retail Management.

The pandemic has forced the retail industry to fundamentally rethink the full end-to-end operating model. Having a digital-first mindset is no longer a choice for retailers, it's a strategic imperative. Speed and agility have become the new norm. But it doesn't need to be a lengthy, or costly, process.

In this highly topical thought piece Phil and David explain how you can keep up with the leading agile retailers, in just 5 steps.

“All of this disruption actually gave us an opportunity to accelerate our strategy. The pandemic gave us momentum.”

Kath McLay, October 2020 President & CEO, Sam’s Club