Quorso's Summer Release 2023.

Sophie Slowe
Sophie Slowe 07/31/2023·4 min read

Introducing multiple new features to streamline work and boost retail ops productivity.

Why this release matters:

Quorso is the modern way to run data-guided operations. Our AI platform turns terabytes of retail data into personalized priorities for all levels of your organization (from Store Leaders up to Central Teams). Smart, dynamic workflows then coach teams to the right action. By measuring the impact teams are engaged in what actually works while central teams get crowdsourced insights directly from the field.

In this release, we have focused on two core customer themes:

  • Continuing to make Quorso the "one-stop app” for all high priority store ops activities.
  • Advancing how we use data and logic to prioritize work for ALL levels of store operations.

1. Launchpad for Field Leaders.

What’s the feature?

Launchpad is the landing page where multi-unit field leaders and above can prioritize which locations or business units need most attention (or departments for single location managers). It provides a high level summary of missions, statuses and impact.

Why’s it valuable?

  • Huge time savings – District Leaders no longer need to go through countless reports and spend hours analyzing them. They can see their top priority stores and focus areas in seconds.
  • Greater consistency – Quorso’s advanced data algorithms align with business objectives you’ve set up. So everyone is working on what’s most important for the business.

What users say: “It’s saving me hours, literally hours, I now have more time for my family on a Sunday rather than figuring out store visits.” 

2. Customizable and targeted surveys in Missions.


What’s the feature?

Create “data-guided” customized surveys within Quorso’s Mission workflow. Capture everything from routine audits and store walks to urgent insights from specific business units trading out of line.

Why’s it valuable?

  • More efficient, targeted surveys – Quorso only triggers surveys when they are relevant to stores and provides contextual data to help complete them, improving engagement and completion rates.
  • Identify trends rapidly – With instant access to survey results, alongside business performance stats, central teams get rapid insights to fix issues.

3. Store Sidebar: Much more store info one tap away.

What’s the feature?

Store Sidebar consolidates all important information about a store into an easy-to-access panel. Key facts about a store that help identify actions, assess whether a store is following company processes or needs additional support.

Why’s it valuable?

  • Relevant info, all in one place – rather than go to multiple business databases and repositories, Sidebar lets you see all the necessary important information.  
  • Easy to add to, automatically updated – Adding new pieces of information takes minutes whilst our automated data feeds ensure store information always stays up-to-date.
  • Flexible to almost any type of data – Phone numbers will call the store directly, addresses will link to google maps, hyperlinks link to any relevant system you want to.

What users say: “I used to have to go to 20 different places to get relevant store information before a visit, now it’s all there in one place.”