Sophie Cole
Customer Success. Sophie Cole
Users onboarded. 3,568
Support videos made. 22

Sophie works closely with our clients to ensure a seamless onboarding and ongoing experience for end-users at every level of the organization. A former management consultant at Accenture and Baringa, Sophie specializes in customer experience, operational process optimization, and change management. Sophie spent a year working as a wine taster in Argentina post-university and has sustained a healthy interest in bold reds.


Get to know the real Sophie...

Your role, and what team are you in?

Implementation and Customer Success Lead, CS&I.

Sum up your role at Quorso in a sentence.

Working with client teams to roll out Quorso, manage change and embed Quorso into the frontline’s ways of working.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working with great teams – at Quorso and our clients! Also seeing store managers pick up Quorso and within a week start adding money to their bottom line.

Where were you before you joined Quorso, and what did you do there?

Baringa Partners, working on short management consulting projects in Utilities clients (often customer service and process optimization). Before that, the same at Accenture.

What do you geek out on – at Quorso, and in non-work life?

I’ve loved learning about how Retail businesses work, and particularly enjoy reading through the Missions of one of our clients – a large US pet retailer – to find out what type of cat products the Store Managers recommend for my cat.

I also like reading memoirs of entrepreneurs and public figures who I find inspiring (currently on my list – Barack Obama, Bryan Stevenson, and Sir Tim Waterstone).

If you could retire tomorrow, how would you spend your life?

I would move to the countryside and buy a small flock of rare-breed sheep, some ducks, and some micro-ponies and I would spend time cultivating a beautiful garden with flowers and vegetables. i would also read a lot of books, do a lot of running, and would set up a charitable organization that offers extra tutoring to children who are struggling at school but can’t afford it.

How did you discover Quorso, and what made you want to work there?

I met Dan at a dinner party and later emailed him asking whether he had any advice about where to start when moving out of consulting. His positive energy, Julian’s credentials, and the opportunity to work with fast-moving technology made me want to move there.

Which Quorsan makes you laugh the most?

Dan. Primarily on the weekly stand up when he continually cracks jokes to a muted audience undeterred, often over Julian!

Which Quorsan inspires you the most?

Phil. His resilience and optimism in the face of life’s challenges, e.g., moving to New York at exactly the wrong time!

What’s been your pandemic/lockdown/work from home guilty pleasure?

I’ve subscribed to House and Gardens AND Country Living. Might as well march on into middle age while we can’t go out.

What’s your secret for getting great work done?

Religiously getting outside for a walk in the morning.

How do you relax when life gets really hectic?

During the lockdown: escapism… currently watching re-runs of Gavin and Stacey, Grand Designs, and Vicar of Dibley! Otherwise, exercise classes, because you have to really concentrate and you’re in a room with other people but they don’t know you or care what your job is.

If you could go back to yourself when you were starting out your career, what one piece of advice would you give to yourself?

Don’t compare yourself to others. In a few years’ time you’ll care much more about doing something you enjoy every day.