Video: Store teams drowning? Agile Store Ops is the easy way to save them.

Gabrielle Reason
Gabrielle Reason 10/19/2021·30 min watch

Your store teams shouldn’t be spending time on anything that isn’t driving sales or reducing costs.

But too much of their day is wasted on less impactful actions and time-consuming processes, which often results in them feeling overwhelmed and inefficient.

Our Quorso CEO and Co-Founder Julian Mills joined Chris Walton’s Omni Talk Ask an Expert series to delve deep into why agile operations is the answer.

Together they explored how Agile Store Management helps make every minute in your stores count by:

  • Simplifying work by automating data analysis, digitally tracking actions, streamlining store visits, and consolidating tools and apps.
  • Prioritizing intelligently to make sure managers do the most impactful things first, through a combination of routine tasks and data-driven “smart alerts”.
  • Motivating colleagues by showing them their immediate value and recognizing their efforts.
  • Crowdsourcing insights from the frontline to the center to drive continuous improvement and rapidly to scale success.

Julian shares stories about retailers who are already embracing Agile Stores and seeing rapid improvements in Sales, Waste, Shrink, CSAT, and most importantly, many more happy and engaged employees who now feel like they have a life raft to save them from drowning.

Watch a recap below, and feel free to ask us any questions via the form.

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