Case Study: Helping National Express Reduce Costs

The customer

National Express is a global transport group that operates buses and coaches in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Quorso is helping them improve fleet utilisation, productivity, and reduce costs all across the US and UK.

The use cases

National Express needed a smart way to analyse and reduce costs, enhance revenue, optimise fleet management, and manage business performance. After an initial chat and 2-week configuration, Quorso was able to populate personalised, specific suggestions to operations, engineering, and finance managers.

Suggestions are based on helping managers improve performance by:

  1. Improving utilisation by vehicle type, by location
  2. Boosting driver and engineer productivity
  3. Saving on maintenance parts
  4. Reducing controllable costs

As you might know, Quorso works by finding profit hiding in our customers’ data. But our findings don’t just sit in a dashboard for the corporate office to review. They’re turned into actionable suggestions that get pushed out to frontline managers so that they can do something about them.

Customer using Quorso to reduce costs

Reduce costs; increase revenue

Quorso has been able to discover millions of pounds in cost and revenue opportunity for National Express to go after. And the brilliant managers really took the suggestions and ran with them: 67% of all the plans written in Quorso have improved performance, and we've been able to help National Express achieve an average of £61k monthly improvement since January 2019.

By highlighting costs that fall through the cracks, Quorso helped a depot manager save £9,000 by cancelling unnecessary cell phone contracts. And by scaling his simple solution to 22 other depots, the company saved over £100,000.

Boosting the bottom line is an impressive achievement (especially in times like these!), but we at Quorso are most excited that we’re able to help bring our users’ innovative ideas to life. Quorso has generated hundreds of action plans – written by managers who told us they loved having more insight into their business and the power to take action. They are now better equipped to take care of customers and coach teams, and not waste time on analysing data.

What National Express says

“Quorso generates immediate, consistent, positive returns. And more importantly, the people at Quorso are genuinely a joy to work with. They take time to understand the issues and then deliver the right long-term solutions. We think of Quorso as a genuine partner; not just another supplier.” – Eddie Kerr, Managing Director, International

“Quorso is a revolutionary business tool! Not only is it simple to navigate, it enables all stakeholders the ability to drill down into operating results and find unique and substantial opportunities to improve cost efficiency.” – Wes Richters, COO and SVP, East US Region


Quorso helps National Express make a measurable impact on their bottom line and deliver an immensely positive ROI. If you’re interested in seeing how Quorso can help your business, get in touch today.

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