Using customer experience data to perfect instore operations with our new TruRating integration.

Sophie Slowe
Sophie Slowe 08/11/2021·3 min read

Another industry-leading partnership for Quorso customers! We’ve teamed up with TruRating, the Customer Analytics solution, to finally make it easy for retailers to improve their store performance based on realtime customer feedback.

The partnership brings digital functionality typically used in ecommerce – the ability to use real-time data to identify and fix ‘performance leaks’ – to the offline world, ultimately improving overall store performance.

Combined with Quorso, TruRating allows you to convert fair and reliable customer feedback at point-of-sale into immediate financial improvements at the store level. TruRating offers shoppers the opportunity to answer one quick question at the point of purchase, as they check out, simply by clicking a button on the payment device. It’s easy and completely anonymous for the shopper, but it offers retail stores access to insights that have historically been very difficult to access.

Quorso then translates those insights, in real-time, into Missions that Store Managers can action to improve customer experience. These next-best opportunities could be anything from replenishing certain shelves more quickly, to having more people available at checkout counters. Quorso also offers best practice from across the store network, helping guide the store manager to make effective changes that will deliver improvement.


“Customer experience is critical to retail success and a rich source of store performance insights. By partnering with TruRating we are enabling store managers to use their extremely valuable customer data to make a significant difference to the bottom line. This human-centric approach to store operations is also core to our app and what makes it fun, intuitive and engaging to use and why, as a result, 93% of Store Managers launch a new Mission every week.”

Julian Mills, Co-Founder and CEO Quorso

“One of our founding principles is simplicity. At TruRating, we strive to make our solution as easy as possible for retailers to implement, and quick and enjoyable for customers to use. Getting hold of reliable, unbiased customer data doesn’t need to be complicated. By putting the power of 80% response rates into the hands of Store Managers, TruRating and Quorso help retailers to truly operationalize their customer experience.”

Georgina Nelson, Founder TruRating

Quorso and TruRating are both tools built on the fundamental principles of agile experimentation and have embedded test-measure-learn capabilities to rapidly scale performance improvements.

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