NRF 2021.

Agile Stores.

This January, as part of NRF2021, we've running a program of interviews panels, editorial and reports on the topic of Agile Stores.

With input from retail thought-leaders and global operators including Alvarez & Marsal, Party City, DXL Group, Microsoft, OmniTalk, LVMH, The Robin Report, BJSS, RETHINK Retail, Ollie Banks...and so many more!
Join us to learn how Agile will change the face of retail stores in 2021.

Panel #2: January 20th, 9am EST (2pm GMT). Agile Value: Store networking over central instruction.

“Can retailers relax their top-down command, without reducing business-wide alignment?”

Join us and...
- Chris Walton (Co-CEO, OmniTalk)
- Robin Lewis (Founder & CEO, The Robin Report)
- Mohit Mohal (MD, A&M Consumer & Retail Group)
...THIS WEDNESDAY to find out!


Join our experts and learn everything you need to know to become an Agile Retailer.

Friday January 15th 2021, 9am EST / 2pm GMTVALUE 2:
Action over insight
“Is it possible for stores to act fast, but still minimize the risk of getting things wrong?”

With customer needs changing constantly, it's critical for retailers to act fast. Store teams must have enough data-driven insights to prioritize efforts, but must not get lost in analysis, meetings and reports that distract them from actually getting stuff done. This panel will discuss how to embed a bias towards action.

Chris Richardson - VP Ops, Party City
Chris Taylor - ex-Chief Of Staff, M&S
Julia Raymond - Editor In Chief, RETHINK Retail
Alex Genov - Head of Customer Research, Zappos
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Monday, January 18th 2021Four Chris Q&AAn operator. An influencer. A consultant. And a veteran.
We talk to four experienced retail, all called Chris (and one called Kristin), about how rapid action has become essential, which retailers are winning at agile, and how technology can help (or hinder).
Details coming soon.
Wednesday, January 20th 2021, 9am EST / 2pm GMTVALUE 3:
Store networking over central instruction
“Can retailers relax their top-down command, without reducing business-wide alignment?”

While the center is responsible for setting company-wide goals, each store faces their own challenges on the ground. Teams need to problem-solve and fix issues in their own ways, while staying aligned across the business. A less top-down, more networked model can improve individual store performance and increase the sharing of expertise. This panel will dig deeper into the relative roles of the center and the store.

Chris Walton, Co-CEO, OmniTalk
Robin Lewis, Founder & CEO, The Robin Report
Mohit Mohal, MD, A&M Consumer & Retail Group
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Monday, 25th January 2021Rethink Retail NRF podcastOur CEO and Co-Founder Julian Mills talks to the RETHINK Retail team about key highlights of NRF 2021, especially the focus on Agile Stores.Details coming soon.
Tuesday, 26th January 2021, 9am EST / 2pm GMTVALUE 4:
Learning and adapting over following a plan
“Can retailers feel confident of success, without the reassurance of a 5-year plan?

The pandemic threw all 5-year plans out the window, but business that managed to learn fast and adapt rapidly still thrived. The Test-Measure-Learn-Scale cycle, which already powers retail’s eCommerce giants, could well be the game changer for retail stores this year. The panel will look at how continuous improvement can be applied to the store.

Mike Simoncic, MD, A&M Consumer & Retail Group
Ollie Banks, Director & Consultant, Retail Transformation Show
Elinor Noble, Global Head of Retail Excellence & Operations, LOEWE
Dan Goldman, VP Strategy & Business Development, GAP
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Wednesday, 27th January 2021The Retail Transformation Show podcastOur CEO and Co-Founder Julian Mills sits down with Ollie Banks of the Retail Transformation Show to talk about Agile Stores and they are set to transform the future of retail.Details coming soon.
Thursday 28th January 2021KPMG & Quorso WebinarJim Dolan, Managing Director of KPMG Technology Consulting Practice, talks to Quorso's Co-Founder and CEO, Julian Mills about how Agile Store Management can drive sales, improve KPIs, and attract the best talent.Details coming soon.
Friday January 29th 2021, 9am EST / 2pm GMTVALUE 1:
Engaged humans over compliant task-doers.
“Is a motivated workforce at odds with ensuring task consistency?"

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that retail success depends on store teams who really care and will go the extra mile for customers and colleagues. However, they have also been exhausted by the increased focus on task compliance. Looking to 2021, this panel will tackle how to reignite their passion and motivation.

Brian Reaves, former COO, DXL Group
Hasan Javed, Product Manager, Microsoft
David Gore, Head of Industries, BJSS
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